Purpose in life and purpose in life, are they the same, or is there any difference?

Purpose in life and purpose in life, are they the same, or is there any difference?

  • Yes, these are really different concepts. I would like to say that everyone should have a goal in life, but it happens in practice for the majority. While the purpose of life, it is almost always a manifestation of faith and religion. That is why many people are so eager to adhere to any current in order to find it, since the scientific and material universe does not give such preferences, since in science there is no ideal beginning after the death of a person.

  • My opinion: These are two different things. The goal of life is to be close to dear people, the goal in life is to have time to protect them in case of danger.

  • The goal of life differs from the goal in life in that it is one, the only one, while in life, there can be many intermediate goals. These intermediate points, in other words, we call tasks that a person is trying to achieve, for example: family, robot, career; stand in front of a person on the road along which he is directed to the true goal of his existence. These tasks cannot be the goal of all life, since they appear and usually find their achievement, at some stage of human existence. The goal of life can be called what a person strives for with his whole life, it is something more than some kind of separate aspiration. A person is born for some kind of goal, which at that time is not yet realized, but all his life he is trying to comprehend it. All tasks (aspirations, goals) that a person sets for himself in life are just some of the many opportunities he chooses on the way to achieve the goal all my life. For me, the goal of life is the peak (peak) of all human aspirations, where everything acquires its true meaning.

    For myself, the goal of life, I consider a person's desire for happiness. I'm not talking about temporary satisfaction from completed tasks, but I mean happiness that does not pass, which fills a person forever.

  • The goal of life is the main goal of life, set back in his youth, this goal can be not only clearly stated, but also revealed during the actual actions of a person, depending on what and how and how he got to his peak. There is only one such goal: it is can be both achievable and unattainable, depending on what priorities a person has, and what is the reality of his understanding of his only goal. The goal in life can change repeatedly, depending on the characteristics of a person at different periods of his life. Goals in life can form a chain when a person overcomes one obstacle after another. This is where the word came from - PURPOSE ...

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