What to do if someone cursed you or caused damage?

What to do if someone cursed you or caused damage?

  • You can get rid of most of the damage yourself.

    The simplest damage is to drive nails into the threshold. Accordingly, if you are spoiled, you need to pull out the nails, and to make it more gothic, go to the cemetery and drive them into the fence there. Similarly, it is done with other types of corruption through things.

    If the damage is not through the thing, then getting rid of will not be so simple. Usually for this purpose one egg is boiled at night on a new moon, with a church wax candle and a prayer-conspiracy is read to get rid of spoilage so that it goes into the egg. Then this egg is fed to homeless animals.

    It is better to consult with experienced experienced sorceresses on such topics. Announcements are worth going only in the most extreme case - there is a risk of running into a fraudster, and if the witch is real, then the risk of running into a strong outrage of otherworldly forces, so that damage will appear with flowers.

  • C'mon! These nonsense affects us as much as we perceive them. Fact!

  • If this negatively affects all spheres of life, then we must go to remove it. Since this is a negative program, planted in a person. The sooner you take off, the better. Older damage is harder to remove. If you are a believer, then go to church for confession and communion. There is one more way. Go to church and put a candle for the health of all your enemies, in front of the icon of Nicholas the Ugodnik. It is necessary to forgive all enemies sincerely. Then all the negativity will return to the one who sent it.

  • Spit on all these nonsense! As soon as you stop thinking about it, immediately and inside you will become immune to fairy tales about evil eye and damage. This affects a person exactly as much as he believes in it.

  • Start with yourself! Where did you misbehave until this second? Ask for forgiveness about the Almighty! She must talk to herself and calm herself with this! Learn to negotiate with yourself! (To make it clearer? - a person, for example, drank, and sleeps peacefully, he forgave himself everything ...). Feel the strength in yourself, you need to meet with all your relatives!

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