What do not like people who love loneliness?

What do not like people who love loneliness?

  • People who prefer loneliness do not tolerate long-term communication, even by telephone, they live in their apartment, even if they are large, they prefer only alone, even their beloved children and grandchildren prefer to see only at a party. They are not hospitable, they like to talk to TV or a computer, they are annoyed by companies, parties, they under any pretext try not to be at them. But in a crowd of unknown people (for example, on the street, in the store) they can feel normal.

  • The crowd. Everything connected with the crowd, not even noise, but a large number of people.

    Noise and din, from which there is nowhere to go, too, of course, is transferred painfully, but this fact follows from the first.

    Those who are alone with themselves will not invite more than one person to visit, at the very least, two. And they will not go where a large crowd of people is possible. Will not work in large companies in positions related to personal contacts.

    This is not because loners do not like people. But because among people they feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable and may even get sick. The disease will be associated with energy discomfort and will quickly pass away when a person finds himself again in a familiar environment.

    And they try to avoid obsessive people.

  • I don't know, for other reasons I avoid unnecessary contacts - I'm afraid of energy losses. It emasculates communication very much, I probably invest too much in it, and very much strains the formal, non-binding and unnecessary "how are you" and idle talk on this topic - if there is nothing behind it. I prefer to spend little by little on the internet) but it's better to gain strength here than to "throw beads" in front of those who are not yet known for what reasons they decided to shake it out of you !!) In any case, saving energy is preferable, and I certainly would be better off spend it wherever I want.

  • I love very loneliness.

    And I just do not like and can not stand:

    noisy and crowded companies

    -I don't like the places where they drink.

    -I don't like to be the center of attention.

    - I don’t like to receive guests at my home, and I don’t like to visit myself.

  • Mostly lonely people do not like the invasion of their private and private life. Even native people do not like living together with them. Not always like crowded places, loud music, laughter. They do not like obligations to someone, they are their own masters. But it is the lonely people who complain most of all that they are so lonely. But this is a mask. They are accustomed to this way of life and rarely change it.

  • It seems to me that a person who loves loneliness should be either a dreamer or a poet, but in any case, a self-sufficient person, that is, someone who can safely say to himself that I am my best companion. Otherwise it may be a phobia. And if a person loves loneliness, he accordingly does not like noisy gatherings, visiting public places, does not like obsessive people, talkers who prevent him from enjoying solitude to the fullest. Such a person does not sit on social networks, does not discuss his loneliness in specialized forums, he does not like encroachments on his freedom. Guests are also unpleasant to him, as well as the forced circulation of guests and relatives.

  • Most people who prefer solitude to noisy companies, of course, try to avoid unnecessary communication and try to retire at any opportunity. But everything is not so simple here. Personally, I distinguish for myself two types of people who seek solitude: the first is people who, by virtue of their nature, really feel insecure in the company, preferring to keep all feelings and thoughts to themselves, and the second type is people who protect themselves from other people only to amuse their pride, watching as their friends try in vain to pull them out into the street. People belonging to the 1st type, as a rule, are pessimistic, rarely laugh or have fun, in a word, introverts, and those who belong to the second type are extroverts, well disguised as introverts, so if we talk about what annoys such people , then, I think, you first need to clarify which of these types a person is more suitable for, and then, based on his behavior and habits, draw certain conclusions.

  • If a person loves loneliness - this is not a very positive sign, perhaps he has some reason - a mental disorder or depression.

    Such people often avoid and do not like cheerful, noisy events, cheerful and contented people, do not like to visit places where there are a large number of people. Such people often do not like to talk on the phone, receive guests, go to visit. They don’t like strangers talking to them.

  • I myself am such a person, so I will try to answer) They do not like large and noisy companies, they do not like it when someone is very obsessively trying to disturb their quiet and calm evening. And when everyone is chosen "in the people" - they do not like it, if they are trying to make them the center of attention. Very windy and fickle, frivolous people can also cause negativity.

  • Loneliness no one likes, loneliness is scary. Those who say that they love loneliness confuse solitude with loneliness, but they do not like noise, din, noisy companies, noisy people, loud music and other hustle and bustle.

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