What is more important than physical strength or moral?

What is more important than physical strength or moral?

  • Moral in my opinion is more important. To a certain extent physical strength can be developed. But moral strength helps a person to withstand the most difficult situations and not break, where physical does not matter.

  • This is a question of harmony.

    What is more important for a person? For him, everything is important, which helps his inner and outer development. Is not it?

    So if you are physically developed by nature or from classes, and set yourself the goal of "inflating" the muscles, a person will turn out to be what they laugh at in anecdotes.

    Or here is another example, where a phenomenon-scientist, abandoning a diet, a healthy lifestyle, "leans" on his scientific work all day long. Already lost everything: the ulcer will just get out, sleep only with pills, the fresh air darkens in the eyes ... This is me now about moral strength, that is, it is INTELLIGENCE (moral) in the people as it is called.

    So my opinion is: You have to live so that you are not brought in either the first option or the second. And your strength will be that you lived a life HARMONIOUSLY, without fanaticism.

    All the while remembering Chekhov's words:

    What is more important than physical strength or moral?

    (further you all remember)


  • It would be great if there was both physical strength and moral. But probably this does not happen. Physical strength is needed for hard work, in order to fight back if something happens. But in my opinion moral strength is more necessary. Life is a very complicated thing, and if there is no moral strength, then a person has to be very hard to withstand the blows of fate. If he is morally stable, then he will not stumble and will not make mistakes, will bravely endure all the problems that have come on and can be solved with difficulty, sometimes with ease. So sure, moral strength is much more important and necessary.

  • In a healthy body there is a healthy (correctly directed) spirit. Unfortunately, this is not a common phenomenon ...

    And what is more important a person decides for himself (depending on what is more developed for him) ... however.

  • Morality for a person is more important than physical strength. They say that "there is strength - no mind is needed." Yes, physical strength can move mountains. And morality, mind is the whole world, pure and beautiful. This is a sense of dignity, responsibility for what is happening in the world and next to you. This is the discovery of new worlds and possibilities.

  • Moral power. Because now people are ruled not with physical strength. Moral power will never betray you and from the physical it can often fail. Especially a man grows old sick, or can cripple, then what's the use of physical strength. And from moral this is quite another matter, then a person is ready for anything. it's so easy not to break it, it always moves in front and what kind of reproaches or inconsistencies in life will not stop. Never give up and go ahead.

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