Whatever happens - ... How interesting is it to continue the phrase?

Whatever happens - ... How interesting to continue the phrase?

  • Whatever happens, know that this will pass.

    Keep calm in all cases.

    And in joy, and in unpleasant moments, you need a sober mind and control over the situation.

    We are all addicted to the vicissitudes of life.

  • Whatever happens - do not give up, everything can be solved! There is always a way. There are no desperate situations, there are unpleasant solutions.

    Whatever happens - stay human! Maintain your dignity and self-respect.

    Whatever happens - smile! A smile is a powerful weapon that will improve your mood both for you, even in the most difficult situation, and for those around you.

    Whatever happens - believe in the best!

  • Whatever happens - always feel truly happy !! After all, this is the main thing in life - the feeling of happiness.

    Whatever happens - travel. After all, what could be more interesting than discovering new places and meeting new people !!

  • Let it be a smile like a crocodile, but in general you should always think positively and hope for the best. Never lose heart and not think about what might end badly.

  • Whatever happens, you need to believe in yourself. to believe that God has some grand plan for everything that happens in our lives. Even the most stalemate situation is needed either in order to learn to love even more, or to learn something, or just trust life and say to yourself: "Everything is fine. Even if it seems that the world has collapsed." there is no such person who always thinks positively, everyone has black and bitter thoughts. It is impossible to always feel happy, life sometimes knocks us out of a rut and attitudes towards happiness do not work. But .. everything will pass, both good and bad. The sun will end.

  • Whatever happens - keep Love as a state of mind, regardless of the passions raging in your worldly life. This is serious.

    And from "black" humor: Whatever happens - remember, tomorrow may be even worse.

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