If I want it, then it will be?

If I want it, then it will be?

  • All wishes come true, the question is how and when. Sometimes it comes true so that the best would not come true, and sometimes when it is no longer necessary and even superfluous. You may simply not live up to the fulfillment of some desires ... Be afraid of your desires, for they can come true! 🙂

  • Is not a fact! On the contrary, what happens most often is what people do not want most, what they fear. in order to get what you want, you need to give up the desire and "turn on" the intention, which implies the implementation of certain actions to achieve.

  • Lyudmila Kozina,

    for this you need to want like a child:

    it is sacred to believe that Santa Claus brought gifts.

    In adults, such a belief applies only to nasty things, which is why they are so successfully implemented.

    Adults are like zombies, as in the hypnosis of belief in daily routine.

    But try to convince yourself that you will take off or materialize gold and diamonds like Sai Baba.

    So that there is not even a shadow of a shadow of doubt.

    Here so want how you get up or go, when you want to get up or go,

    it is necessary for the embodiment of desire.

    The paralyzed cannot stand or walk.

    We all have problems adjusting our desire mode to be paralyzed.

  • Alas and ah .. One WANT is not enough for this, it is still necessary to do something for its implementation. There are some WANT that does not shine upon us at all, even for very great desires. But .. wanting is not harmful.

  • If you really want something, then yes .. Everything will be. You just have to try with all your thoughts, methods, deeds for this to happen, then the impossible can be. There must be a goal and a path leading to that goal ... It works, tested. Believe in yourself, God and everything will be. There are no simple roads, if the Lord wants you to be happy, He always guides you in the most difficult ways, because fortunately there are simply no simple roads.

  • Wanting a little. You also need to act. Then, most likely, a lot can work out.

    And at the behest of a pike it happens only in fairy tales.

    Or when a person has a lot of magical power, that he involuntarily changes space, time and partly desires.

  • It depends on what you want, whether it corresponds to reality and, of course, how strong your desire is ... Personally, I believe in the materialization of thought. I had to deal with this more than once. But this business also has its own rules: you cannot immediately, for example, want to become a billionaire, and wait for everything to fall on your head. Everything needs a gradual approach. There is little desire, you also need to work on yourself to achieve results. It is also important to visualize your desires, also an interesting topic))

  • Unfortunately no. Many of our "want" and remain only dreams. Much depends on ourselves, on the efforts made, as well as on the coincidence of circumstances. Thoughts do not come true by themselves, you need to spend a lot of energy to fulfill your desires.

  • If you try very hard and you are sure that you need it, then yes, but it also depends on luck, on the circumstances

    But you will know that you have made every effort to achieve the goal!)

    Don't give up and you will be amazed at the result)

  • If it is within the limits of possible, then yes. It is necessary to go to this goal and take all the efforts. Then everything will be.

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