How is pride manifested in everyday life? What are the consequences of pride?

How is pride manifested in everyday life? What are the consequences of pride?

  • Spoilers for the movie "Seven"!

    In Seven, the consequences were shocking. One model's face was cut off, in the sense that the skin was removed from the face. She, unable to bear the shame, committed suicide. It was pride, pride in one's beauty, that was the reason for this.

  • Pride does not allow a person to forgive and love, he thinks that his dignity and he himself have been insulted, touched, and therefore he should at least not talk to the offender and, as a maximum, spoil him, be rude. Diseases can be on the nervous soil, digestive tract (usually affects the liver, gallbladder). Proud reap the same attitude.

  • It manifests itself as follows: a person considers himself superior to others, does not consider all people equal to each other. Begins to condemn others, envy them, hate other people, harm them, subjugate them and create inconveniences in life. Even within the same family, pride can be devastating. A proud spouse always makes claims, gives commands, nags, condemns - whatever. As a result, both suffer. If a proud person runs the country, then the consequences can be sad for the whole people ...

    In addition to the consequences for others, in which there is not a drop of positive, pride is also dangerous for the person himself. Pride can be the cause of a wide variety of diseases, including oncology.

  • Pride is manifested in the fact that a person considers himself to be superior to others. Accordingly, neglect, contempt, and sometimes condemnation appear to other people. Surprisingly, but often there is pride in believers. They condemn other people who live differently, put themselves above them. Or a thin fat girl puts herself above those who have not lost weight. If you think well, then any of the people at least once in his life experienced this feeling. Of course, this feeling has a negative connotation, as well as envy.

  • In short, pride, like any other negative feeling, leads to illness and loneliness. And this begins to manifest itself even from childhood, the girl will invite to play with herself not a "pouty" looking girl, but that girl , which will smile sweetly and modestly. And in adulthood. But the most terrible manifestation of pride in relation to loved ones, in the family. For example, when pride does not allow a family member to make peace with a relative after a quarrel for several years, or even all his life.

  • I think that pride is unreasonable pride in oneself of a loved one at the level of stupidity. It is especially strange when a person, having slightly improved his financial situation, stops greeting you and even noticing you.

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