How to find the True Path to FREEDOM in life?

How to find the True Path to FREEDOM in life?

  • True freedom is the freedom of a person from weaknesses, as well as the absence of internal tension caused by rejection of the surrounding reality.

    Weaknesses are negative habits and attachments that are acquired by a person throughout life under the influence of society and the environment.

    To avoid internal stress, you need to accept the world around you and people without any conditions.

  • Everyone has their own freedom. Your freedom is the state when you feel that you are not limited in anything. Just sit down and tell yourself I am free is a delusion. You need to understand what prevents you from being free. Now, dependence on my dad and his money does not allow me to be free. I'm trying to fight this. This is how I go to my freedom. Realizing what limits you will help you find the true path. Freedom is the ability to be yourself, real.

  • To come to true freedom, you need to know yourself as a Soul with the help of a competent Teacher and spiritual practice (meditation).

    God deliberately placed us, Souls, in conditions of limitation and illusion, so that we, through evolution and self-knowledge, having passed a long way, return to the Truth.

    The beginning of the path to Freedom, Truth and God is the realization that we are suffering and the desire to get out of this cycle of birth, suffering and death.

    When this desire becomes so strong that a person is ready to give up his ego and sacrifice much, the student is ready, and the Teacher appears.

    This short video is very symbolic: how to get out of Prison for Freedom.

  • The emergence of life, a consequence of the limitations of the Absolute. Awareness of freedom - awareness of the limitations of life, incl. the inevitable and inevitable loss of life. Voluntarily limiting our freedom in the name of life, we become like the Absolute.

  • Blue Swan, there are things that you can't do yourself. If you want to move in this direction, towards freedom and happiness, you need a Teacher. Who will be able to transfer living Knowledge to you from heart to heart. One person cannot do this.

    Children go to school and receive knowledge from teachers; the child himself will not be able to master textbooks or learn to read and write. It's the same here. You do not have this knowledge in your sensations; it can only be obtained from the Teacher. You yourself can only come to the fact that you need it, you really want to do it. Next, you need a guide - someone who will guide you along this path. You will find your path and your Teacher with your heart.

    The heart knows what to do, it is only keenly sighted, the mind does not know (it is just an instrument - it protects you, feeds, warms you, but it does not know life, it is not intended for this).

  • It all depends on what form of freedom you want to have. If we are talking about financial independence, then all kinds of materials on how to "make" a fortune will help you. All of them are in the public domain and there are no secrets there. Perseverance and work will give results. ...

    If you want to receive spiritual freedom, then you must understand for yourself what spiritual freedom is for you. Or, in another way: “What do you expect from receiving spiritual freedom.” Suddenly you are already free !? But you don’t know it yourself. My freedom of spirit is freedom to make decisions. When you learn to make decisions without relying on Jesus, the COAF or any other direction, you will become truly free.

    But always remember - your freedom ends where the freedom of another person begins. Many people like to forget about it ...

  • To better understand the term "freedom", let's work with the inverse term "no restrictions". We know what restrictions are from childhood: mom ("Until you brush your teeth ..."), the Bible (neither murder nor .., nor ..., nor ...), the Administrative Code (Administrative Code). And the strictest is the Criminal Code. So, remove these restrictions and get Absolute freedom. In practice, this will mean that you will receive freedom only after DEATH.

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