How do you learn to work miracles?

How do you learn to work miracles?

  • Who works miracles? Wizards, of course. At one time, a song performed by Bernes was popular with the words: "I just work as a wizard."

    So, it contains the following words: "To spare nothing for a friend, to do a little for others too - this is my simple magic. Maybe you can help me in nm? Why, friend? Yes, because I did not teach life according to textbooks. I just work as a wizard. "

    The most important miracle in the known universe is Man. Just be (and remain) human under any circumstance. Listen to your heart - it will not deceive. Spirituality should be higher than Reason and logic, although they are trying to convince us otherwise.

    Excessive pragmatism gives rise to cruelty, and sometimes - and envy with hatred. Do not try to change the world around you - change your attitude towards it. Learn to see a good beginning in every person, and miracles will begin to happen as if by themselves.

    Give the World what you can - and the World will give you everything you want (only - without harming others).

    And the most important miracle is your birth, your birth in human form. You yourself are a miracle ...

  • You know, "miracles" are something supernatural, related to our life fantasy (or philosophy), and not to the realities of modern life. In this regard, it is simply unrealistic to consider the domestication of the dog presented by you as a miracle. This is just an act deserving attention and, accordingly, respect (in my opinion), to which many of us need to be equal, nothing more.

    My daughter saved everyone in her short, but already eventful life. At first it was butterflies, beetles, amphibians, then we tamed birds (including their offspring), now our four-legged friends have gone (in short, who has not lived in our house ...). And you will forgive me, but I do not consider it something "miraculous".

    There is no need to learn to "work miracles", you just need to take them and do them! And then life will show whether they were miracles or just ordinary human actions, and possibly life's mistakes.

    I hope I did not answer your question too cleverly.

    How do you learn to work miracles?

  • miracle is love

    when an ordinary person suddenly becomes the most-most - the most beautiful, the best, "your", when life becomes brighter and warmer for you and him

    (by the way, with a dog is also a miracle of love)

    a miracle is to help an old, sick, unhappy person and your help and love will make his life better

    a miracle is beauty - why suddenly these clouds or this sea or this sunset suddenly become so beautiful that "the heart sinks"?

    "miracle" is to convey your vision of beauty - with words, sounds or colors - to another

  • Do you want to learn how to work miracles?

    You just do not yet realize that you already know how to create them and have probably done more than once.

    God created the Universe on strictly scientific principles and there is no place for miracles in nm.

    Everything is subject to strict rules and laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics and other sciences.

    But God really wanted miracles to happen in this right world.

    And then, for this very purpose, God created Man.

    And their man began to work miracles all the more wonderful and more wonderful :)

    And God gave man the main tool for creating miracles and this, of course, is Love!

    Love and only love creates real Miracles!

    I will give specific examples.

    The love of a Man and a Woman gives rise to the greatest miracle - Children.

    The Master Loves His Work and we see and say - Yes, he does Miracles!

    Man Loves Life and is recovering from the most serious, as doctors said, incurable disease.

    Love with all your heart and good, magical miracles in your life will surely happen.

  • You wake up in the morning, stretch like a cat with every cell of your body, and laugh for about five minutes. Then you get up and live the day like a generous, just emperor. The whole planet belongs to you - trees, rivers, sky, stars, flowers. Life is Beautiful. Realize this every minute, do not fuss, do not expect recognition or gratitude from anyone, and miracles will begin to happen by themselves. After all, you are a Human, a wonderful Human, consider this.

  • How do you learn to work miracles?

    And yet I am convinced that a miracle is the very existence of all living things on earth, its enormous diversity, which never ceases to amaze and delight. We ourselves are part of this living nature, closely related to the rest of the world.

    But the question is how to learn how to work miracles. Everyone understands and does it in their own way. That is, each person, if he wants, can create a miracle with his own hands. For example, breeding a new variety of roses. Years of work and this is an excellent result that will delight many.

    How do you learn to work miracles?

    Or landscaping. A dull courtyard turns into a well-groomed and cozy building plot near a private house - into a beautiful garden and a place for the whole family to relax.

    How do you learn to work miracles?

    And our children? Isn't this a miracle that we create ourselves? How wonderful it is to watch their development, growth, they never cease to amaze and delight us.

    How do you learn to work miracles?

    The spiritual world of a person has no boundaries and limits in its development. A person is able to change his inner world, reach unusual heights, and this is also a miracle.

    How do you learn to work miracles?

    I consider the creative potential of people a miracle - the creation of beautiful paintings, great music, song performance, dance talents and much more - this is a miracle.

    How do you learn to work miracles?

    Charity, helping the weak, caring for parents, homeless animals is a miracle that touches the best sides of the human soul. You just have to choose what miracle you want to perform in your life, and you already do it every day.

    How do you learn to work miracles?

  • Do you want to learn how to work miracles? Yes, easy, you know how to do it and did it, maybe you just didn't notice. For you, it may just be an ordinary act, but for that person it is a real miracle. Here the mother is late for the meeting to the child or for his first speech, and she thinks everything is lost, not a single car stops, but here you stopped and gave a lift. For you, this is a trifle, but for someone a real miracle happened. Personally, I throw out the garbage every time - I put normal food in a clean bag. I think for a hungry bum to find such a package is also a miracle.

  • Miracles cannot be instantly taught to do.

    One thing is known, you need to be able to furnish miracles so that they become such, and, most importantly, to enjoy it. Even if there are mercantile interests behind it, and it is well-directed. Miracle - whether it is or not. It is sudden and spontaneous.

    And you know how to do them, you don't need to study. Your question made everyone feel a little better and warmer.

    And I, hardened, which I considered myself until now, a cynic, write pink snot.

  • "A miracle is something incredible, accomplished without the use of magic," I read in one of my art books.

    To do something, you need to apply know-how (know_how) / technology.

    To do this, you need to know this technology or create e.

    You also need to be competent in this.

    And for this you need to be competent in life, know e and e laws, and how to apply them.

    Scientology helps me work miracles. The basic laws of life are described in the book Scientology: Fundamentals of Life, as well as some of the most important laws are discussed in more detail in the book Scientology: The Challenges of Work. And for the first time I began to create them after reading and training in the method described in the book "Dianetics: The Science of Mind".

    That's what helps me work miracles. I hope I answered your question?

    Here is an example of a person who also knows how to work miracles and how his life and the life of his loved ones change from this (not an advertisement, an example):

  • Very simple. I think that a miracle would take place, you need a person who will himself believe in it, and want a miracle to happen.

    And the miracle itself can be done at least every day (pick up a cat, help those in need, etc.).

  • first of all, you need to fall into childhood and imagine yourself as a great kind wizard, read all kinds of magic literature and strive to learn, but most likely you can only become a magician, but a magician is unlikely, but better try it yourself, it might work.

  • A miraculous supernatural phenomenon, an action that cannot be explained by the existing laws of logic, nature, science. And there are a LOT of such miracles around us. For example, the birth of a child. Well, the egg cell is clear, the sperm cell is clear, division, tissues, organs were born - and when did life appear in it? Miracle? Certainly! A miracle was created, and man is a partner, a co-creator. It turns out that each of us is originally and by birth a co-creator of the Universe and knows how to do miracles. True, not everyone recognizes this fact. A great variety of techniques and teachings have been invented to help those wishing to become wizards. Get into Tibetan monks - learn levitation. Get into psychics - clairvoyance will open. And there is generally a bomb school "Simmoron", a school of wizards. The essence of the doctrine is that you need to create your own and only you understandable ritual and voila! A miracle will come true! With the help of these rituals, everyday problems, problems at work and in personal life are miraculously solved. In general, dare, and the magic will happen.

  • You have already accomplished one miracle: giving the dog the opportunity to start trusting people. That already means something. Especially for the dog!

    Then continue in the same spirit. Like Baron Münghausen: "Today we have a feat according to plan!"

    If it will be a feat for you to help (at least 1 day) in a shelter for lonely old people, then it will also be a miracle for them. Just get used to it. Every day is a feat, and every day is a miracle.

    For clarity, you can reread about Timur and his team, for example.

    Perhaps, for your loved ones, learn to do miracles: cook dinner for your tired wife after work, or buy a ticket to a sanatorium for your parents ...

    It has always been a miracle for me to travel far, far away by train with my parents, or to arrange home concerts with them.

    Parents became my peers for a while, as if we were traveling together in a time machine to their childhood. Isn't that a miracle?

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