How to convince yourself that you can do anything?

How to convince yourself that you can do anything?

  • I don't think you need to convince yourself of this. We can not do everything, not a single person can do everything. You need to convince yourself that you have sufficient knowledge or strength to carry out your plans and make a decision to do it, that will be enough. And act consistently.

  • You don't need to convince yourself of anything, you just need to do it - the whole secret is in this.

    If it didn't work out the first time, a new way is looked for and tried with it, and another way and one more ... Until it works ...

    As a result, a person who wants to be able to do everything, with some perseverance, can do everything! Sometimes even right away. Sometimes after a hundred tries. But in any case, a person can do whatever he wants to be able to ...

    And the words "I can't" often mean "I don't even want to try to do it" ...

  • Of course, you can try to convince yourself of this, but this belief can collapse at the first minor failure or bad mood. It will be much more effective not to convince yourself, but simply to fulfill the goals and objectives set for yourself, take actions, move towards what was planned. Fears and doubts recede precisely in action. If you just wait for courage and determination to come to you and then you will already take some steps towards your well-being, then this will never happen. Just act no matter what, and faith in yourself will appear by itself.

  • You just need to believe in yourself. Understand that today you have to try to get out of this whole nightmare. And do not doubt that it will work out. Just every morning to say to yourself in front of the mirror "EVERYTHING WILL WORK! I WILL WORK IT ALL".

  • It will not work to convince. Here, persuasion is not enough, but faith is indispensable. And in order to believe in your real capabilities, you need to discover them in yourself and develop them in application. To do this, you need to throw all the rubbish out of your head and clear your conscience. There is only one way to do this - to love, to see true love in yourself. Reconsider for yourself, answering yourself sincerely to all exciting and haunted questions, the usual prevailing idea of ​​love. Today, catastrophically few people know what love really is, unfortunately.

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