What qualities should a “good” girl have?

What qualities should a "good" girl have?

  • In older (I would say historical times) it would still be possible to get an answer to this question, but modernity has changed (even defiled) the image of a good girl beyond recognition! Rather, it is about the individual preferences of the stakeholders!

    In my opinion, a good girl should be:

    1) Modest (I think badly about girls who have dozens of friends in VKontakte, all of them get "likes" and thoughts only about outward appearance!);

    2) Household (you need to be able to cook, to know how stains are washed, to be able to mend, to be able not to accumulate dirty dishes in the sink, and not to bring a mountain of dirty linen to an unstable smell!);

    3 Simple (without "quirks" on the basis of elite things);

    4) Smart (there is nothing more disgusting than stupid "clucking" of some "chicken"!

    5) Natural (forget about any emo, Goths and other subcultures! In the old days, girls expressed themselves in needlework, and not in perversions over themselves ...)

  • Modesty in public, liberated when alone, showing a sense of humor, not strict rules)

  • "A good girl should be able to do the same thing as a bad girl, but very well

  • a good girl should have good qualities), no matter how corny it may sound, but in my opinion it is. after all, for each person there is a list of his certain qualities, which he identifies and considers to be more good. Someone in this refers to modesty, someone the absence of bad habits, someone the kindness and responsiveness of the girl ... you can list endlessly. why do we all choose not one in the whole world, but different, and for us the best? because all girls are good, the main thing is to find one for which the concept of "good" will coincide with yours)

  • The word "Good" is in quotation marks. If the question concerns a really good girl in the sense of a decent girl, then she must be virtuous, moral and blameless.

    Virtue must be manifested in a way of thinking,

    morality - in the manifestations of behavior,

    purity - in the absence of endless impressions from the previous numerous intimate relationships that lead the virtue, morality and purity of a good girl to cold calculation in choosing the next unit of her collection.

  • I think that naturalness in everything is now appreciated. Natural appearance, femininity and sincerity are important qualities of a good girl. Manners, appearance, and even education recede into the background. All this can be applied. Female beauty should be herself.

    So that you can snuggle up to her.

    Saturated with love, kindness.

    Live, love, enjoy.

    The beauty in the picture is rubber.

    Expressed in body, not soul.

    On the face with a pinched mine.

    Some kind of emptiness inside.

    It looks like beauty.

    Emotions do not cause any.

    Miley girl with a scythe dear,

    Mental and inner peace.

    Disputes, nonsense, discussions.

    About female beauty among the people.

    A beautiful face for a feast for the eyes.

    Mila, that with a scythe in a round dance.

    Natural beauty disappears.

    Under a layer of makeup, powder, mascara.

    The emptiness is exposed under them

    Our souls grow stale from this

    Vladimir Bachurin

    To summarize, a good girl is an immediate natural girl, like nature itself and without any quotes.

  • A good girl should be educated, kind, obedient, decent, she should know when to speak and when to keep silent. A good girl should not have bad habits such as drinking and smoking.

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