What is the role of dreams in people's lives?

What is the role of dreams in people's lives?

  • With the help of dreams, you can find out what the future is. Maybe someone is a lunatic and while he is dreaming, he does something in his dream. It happens from dreams you can find out something about what will happen, what will happen in life. Every person in life has their own dreams.

  • The role of sleep in human life is enormous. Sleep not only gives us rest and relaxation, but also reflects our inner world, our experiences and worries.

    The role of sleep in a person's life lies in sorting information into the necessary and useless ones and in unfolding memory traces, deposits of information in their places. It's like a digital recording that we erase when we no longer need it and then write something else in its place. In our case, the information for the next day.

    The visual construction of a dream is a test, an exercise of the brain before wakefulness, which is expressed in its ability in a short time from incoherent details to make a consistently constructed film, according to the plot of which you can check the correctness of its work, the degree of possible overload.

    A dream is a person's inner psychoanalyst who communicates with us in images. This is the book to be read between the lines, looking for hidden logic that flows from the rest of the day before the night. If, for example, a person dreams that he is building a high-rise building, - A girl and a guy are sleeping in an embrace on a bed, this is nothing more than an element of his daytime experiences due to the baseness of his position. The main thing in this dream is not his essence, but the feelings that he experiences at the same time.

    Dreams play an important role in the transitional stage from sleep itself to wakefulness.

    Dreams can affect the human body in a rather unusual way. Even the ancients paid attention to the influence of dreams on a person. Galen, who was engaged in medical activities, had a patient in his practice who had a dream where his leg seemed to be stone. After some time, paralysis of the leg came.

    The French psychoanalyst Lermit met had such a patient. A patient in a dream felt a snake bite in the leg. After several days, an ulcer formed in that place. There are a lot of such examples. Or no less vivid examples of how the subconscious mind actually helps to solve some problems in a dream. Perhaps, in such an unusual way, real existing internal sensations from the events of the previous day, hidden in the memory, appeared.

    But, perhaps, the role of sleep in human life has not been fully disclosed. No one knows how many secrets the brain hides, and what dreams actually say.

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