Who are the "eight immortals" in Chinese mythology? What do you know about them?

Who are the "eight immortals" in Chinese mythology? What do you know about them?

  • "Eight Immortals" is one of the most popular myths in China, they are often depicted in temples and in public places.

    Who are they these heroes who lived at different times, but all had unusual abilities and are the personification of one of the states of our existence Lü Dongbin-male, Li Teguai-female, Zhongli Quan-old age, Han Xiangzi-youth, Cao Guojiu-poverty , Zhang Guolao-wealth, Lan Caihe-nobility and He Xianggu-insignificance.

    Many of them had real prototypes, as a group they did not form immediately, but around the 11-12th century AD, although mentions of them can be found in BC, there are mainly myths about each individually, but there are also common acts.

  • The Eight Immortals are the eight saints in the Taoist pantheon. Here are their names:

    Lu Dongbin. Famous Taoist patriarch, patron of literature and hairdressers.

    Lee Teguay. Doctor and scientist, protects the sick, patronizes magicians and astrologers.

    Zhongli Quan. The owner of the elixir of immortality and the patron saint of soldiers.

    Han Xiangzi. The nephew of the scholar Han Yu of the Tang Dynasty. Patronizes musicians.

    Cao Guojiu. Representative of the ruling clan of the Song Dynasty. Patronizes actors and mimes.

    Zhang Guolao, Wizard, patron saint of old people.

    Lan Caihe. Depicted as a woman or man with a basket of flowers. Patronizes gardeners and florists.

    He Xiangu. Woman, patroness of housewives.

  • The Eight Immortals are the heroes of Chinese mythology. I will not list the names, because I don’t remember them myself, I only remember that this group was called “Ba-Hsien”. They lived at different times and possessed various wonderful abilities. Each of the Ba-hsien personifies one of the human beings: male, female, old age, youth, poverty, wealth, nobility and insignificance.

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