People who stand close on the bus and cuddle - what do they want?

People who stand close on the bus and cuddle - what do they want?

  • NO ONE thought that it COULD BE THIEFS pickpockets! Everybody thought about sex and to make it more convenient. In crowded buses, VORISHKI also ride.

  • Two options: 1) they feel that the husband is in the army and are trying to gain favor!

    2) you already have a male persecution mania!

    Conclusion - it's time to go to the unit and check how he is there, whether his legs are freezing!)))

  • get in the forehead! What else could they want?)

  • What they want, what they want ... Maybe warmth and affection ... Or your banknotes. Or maybe they are getting some sleep or hoping for your support in the literal sense. Americans would say they had problems as children and instinctively seek maternal protection. Or they wholeheartedly root for someone who did not fit into the bus and try to ram themselves for the sake of their neighbor.

  • Nuuu, it happens in different ways. There are maniacs, there are obese people who simply have nowhere to go))). But there are also those who cuddle up to people with one goal - to stay away from unpleasant people (for me it is better to be cuddled up to a beautiful girl than to a dirty, microbial bum woman.

  • If in a crowded bus, then most likely they want to better settle in the chosen space, and if in an empty one, then this is very strange "it smells of kerosene"

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