I think I'm losing my mind. What should I do?

I think I'm losing my mind. What should I do?

  • As a rule, crazy people are not aware of their condition.

    It's a good news.

    But if such thoughts nevertheless appear, then it is worthwhile to figure out - these are your thoughts or are "guided" from the outside.

    Analyze the reasons.

    How did you decide that?

    What are the causes and symptoms?

    Are you crazy and not around?

    And in general, in the modern world, being crazy is the number one trend!

    Do not believe me?

    Turn on the TV.

    House 2 on TNT, RenTV and NTV - the whole program, including advertising ...

  • Everyone is crazy in his own way. Nobody has yet canceled the ancient wisdom. Do physical work or retire. The choice of circumstances. But if it seems to pour out the soul to a CLOSE man or just go to church. The main thing is not to do QUICK actions.

  • What exactly? From idleness? 😉

    Try to understand what caused this cause. If you cannot do it yourself, ask your family and friends for help. And if this does not help - urgently go to the hospital, you are serious!

  • People go crazy unnoticed. They do not feel it, do not understand and do not realize it. In general, this process sneaks up unnoticed. And if you "feel", "understand", then this is a complete guarantee that everything is fine with you, there is no reason for concern.

  • Well, it looks like a meeting, if you kill the cats and think, looking at the person, where to put the corpse is this one, and if you look at the wall of 15 minutes without thoughts, this is another.

  • First you need to find out the reason why it seems to you that you are going crazy. Maybe something has changed in life? What happens in your personal life? Generally understand how it started. You need to talk with a psychologist.

  • Do you have a split personality? Or do you feel in a vacuum? If not, then everything is within the normal range in our world today. So it is necessary to bring thoughts in order, ie. rest, sleep and try to listen to their feelings, desires. The fact is that people living in cities are subjected to constant environmental pressure, which causes accumulated fatigue and, as a result, stress. As before, the people cannot understand that megacities, and simply cities, is an aggressive environment for the organism. Nature does not provide for a person to live very closely together, as in an anthill, therefore your essence has rebelled now, and you don’t want to hear it.

    Know how to listen and hear yourself and everything will return to normal. Good luck.

  • It seems that the whole world has gone mad, especially Ukrainians. A person in the modern world lives in a state of constant stress. And it’s not surprising that many people ask this question. In childhood and adolescence everything is very clear, good or bad, right, wrong, necessary or it is not necessary. As we grow up, we begin to understand that the world is not only black and white, the more we know, the more multifaceted our world becomes. And many stereotypes are crumbling, but what we were taught is only theoretical hypotheses. strong emotions burst into our lives , love, children, loss of loved ones or parents. Probably you have a causal relationship with some event in life. then consult a professional psychologist in order to help understand the causes, and having understood you can look at the situation from a different angle. Iti decision.

  • You need to contact a psychotherapist, he will help you figure it out. It is possible that your feelings are correct. Not everyone gets to these specialists in an ambulance, with a flasher associated. There are a lot of people who addressed there on their own and there is nothing bad or shameful about it.

    Even the offices are sharp, and there are borderline ones. There are clinics of neurosis.

    Maybe your thoughts are obsessive, fears, maybe something seems or seems to you. Mood swings, not based on anything.

    Another option is to contact a neurologist and endocrinologist. Their diseases also make us weak. And affect the psyche.

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