What person is said to be an amoeba?

What person is said to be an amoeba?

  • They say so about worthless, gray, lack of initiative, uninteresting people. More about them - neither fish nor meat, neither this nor that. The colorless "common amoeba", in science, is shorter.

  • There are two options.

    Which one depends on the situation.

    Or this is a primitive person, completely uneducated. He has three convolutions in the brain, one guides the process of absorbing food, the second is the process of drinking, and the third is the satisfaction of sexual needs.

    In addition to these three things, he is not interested in anything in life. Ask this about anyone that does not concern the above, he will try to think for a long time and painfully, and then he will say:

    "Ah ... et ... that means that ... Vaska and I were so swollen yesterday !!!".

    Either this person is spineless at all, like a weather vane, only looking for someone to obey and to someone to assent. He has no opinion on any thing in life. He is afraid to have it, because suddenly someone will not like it ...

  • About the spineless. I don’t have my own opinion where they will say there and go, I don’t want anything, I just go with the flow. There are no interests, gray boring life, work-home. Like a bedside table, it's a pity to throw it away, but it's not clear where to use it. Wherever they put it, I will stay there.

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