Why do people feel lonely?

Why do people feel lonely?

  • Each person is initially lonely, but until a certain moment does not realize it. When spiritual maturity comes, a person wants not just communication and care, but a subtle understanding of his soul. He longs for a near being of an infinite close, loving, all-forgiving and demanding nothing in return. A creature that feels his inner world with every cell.

    In fact, a person is looking for a mirror image of himself in the world, only with himself can he be in absolute agreement. But this is impossible in principle, because every soul on earth is unique and has its own beliefs and concepts, possibly running counter to his worldview.

    In general, loneliness is selfishness, by and large. A person expects recognition, love and understanding, but does not give anything in return. He closes himself in, grows and cherishes his inner world, resentfully considering himself underestimated in his exclusivity. Burns up life in fruitless self-reflection and depression. But he never receives the desired love from the outside, and therefore suffers and torments.

    Only sacrifice, the desire to give, not take, can save from loneliness. Having got out of the cocoon of loneliness, a person must learn to love himself, and only then his soul will be filled with reciprocal love, which he so lacks for happiness. After all, what we emit is what we receive in life.

  • Correctly indicated "feel", tk. this feeling is also possible when surrounded by a mass of people; even relatives and friends (i.e. in the absence of the fact of loneliness). It is connected with the absence of what is desired and the emphasis on this of one's own attention, i.e. (roughly) because of the unfulfilled "I want". Our "want" strongly depends on what we observe around us, a kind of envy. Understanding that something is wrong, but you want everything to be so.

    If all, all desires are fulfilled, then there is no time for loneliness. So it is with full employment, when there is no time for distant thoughts (desires).

    The feeling of loneliness is usually accompanied by sadness and any factor that gets rid of sadness - deprives of loneliness (albeit for a while).

  • Because they are afraid of loneliness. They are afraid to be of no use to anyone. They don’t know what to do when you’re alone, so they’re scared. In fact, they are simply not sure of themselves, and are not interested in themselves. A person who is interested in himself will never be scared and bored. In the end, a person is born alone and also dies alone. Lonely.

  • The most important reason is the disconnection with God. They replace it with people in "better times", and the illusion of happiness is ready. In fact, even then, being alone for a short time, such people feel extremely bad, they want to do something, they cannot be with themselves for a minute ... I don't know why. Some kind of replacement of concepts, instead of true ones, public opinion, as a result, they lie to themselves, live not their own lives, think not their own thoughts, it is clear that under such conditions they will feel bad alone with themselves. If you begin to slowly get rid of illusions, imposed opinions, then the path will begin to clear, and they will actually understand that they are never alone - how many people think about them at the moment, worry, envy, love, are not indifferent?) Is this - loneliness ??? Whether you are at least one per hundred kilometers of the Universe?) It's not really possible to be left alone, but they feel loneliness! But where at least, tell me ??))) In touch, the whole Cosmos !!! Not to mention the people. And you can feel another thing - that you don’t need anyone, and one is wonderful. But is it possible, relying on general opinion ??) It will allow you ??) That's the same ... Therefore, the path is only one - inside yourself. There are all the answers, all the interlocutors, all the fun) Go for it!)

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