Why is practicality a good quality of a person?

Why is practicality a good quality of a person?

  • I consider practicality to be one of the best qualities of a person, because it is thanks to him that a person can be successful in many things, succeed everywhere, and at the same time spend a minimum of resources. I believe that practicality should be instilled in children from childhood, because it will help to correctly and rationally manage not only their material resources, but also time, for example.

  • Because practicality allows you to clearly realize what a person needs in this life, what will benefit him and what will not, what will make him truly happy.

    Practicality allows you to understand the problem and find ways to solve it.

    Practicality allows the most efficient use of resources (time, money, finances, information).

    Practicality allows you to grow professionally and achieve goals at the lowest cost.

    Practicality allows you to competently choose a complete diet and moderate physical activity, which has a positive effect on well-being, etc. 🙂

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