Why do people change over time?

Why do people change over time?

  • If you do not go deeper, but look superficially at the question of "why people change", then all because of the time, the environment of the individual.

    A person grows up, his social circle, interests change, his friends change. Relatives and friends are passing away.

    Nothing is eternal and absolute, especially since we are social beings, people.

  • Because there is an adaptation to the prevailing conditions. We are so arranged by nature that from the moment of conception our body is always in a struggle with everything that prevents it from developing freely. And this is until the very last breath. We can even be perfect spiritual enlightened, but You can't go against nature. Of course, striving for enlightenment is necessary, since it somehow helps us to live in being. Therefore, changes occur constantly, even when we are passed out, while the body is alive, there is a real struggle that we do not see, it is inside us, hence all the consequences of our actions and therefore desires.

  • The older a person becomes, the smarter, wiser, more experienced he is. With each dash of age categories, the outlook on life, life values ​​and priorities changes

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