Why is the sculpture depicting Nefertiti missing its left eye?

Why is the sculpture depicting Nefertiti missing its left eye?

  • In spite of everything, Nefertiti was, is and will be an example of female beauty for all time.

    Evgeny Paramonov-Efrus made an excursion towards ancient Egyptian astronomy.

    Eugene Paramonov-Efrus said: "One of the largest and brightest in the Northern Hemisphere is the constellation Orion. Since ancient times, the two upper stars of Orion were perceived by poets as the Eyes of the handsome Hunter Orion and were displayed as two Heavenly Eyes.

    Orion's one eye is the star Bellatrix, which appears first in the night sky when Orion rises from the horizon. The second eye of Orion, the star Betelgeuse, shines with a strong light, then it becomes almost invisible and this happens with a period of about 6 years. It was the regular dying and rebirth of Betelgeuse that was the basis of the belief of the ancient Egyptians and, above all, of the pharaohs, in rebirth after death.

    For this, after the death of the pharaoh, a religious ceremony of Opening his mouth was performed, which the priests performed inside the Great Egyptian Pyramid in the sarcophagus of the King's Chamber. It was believed that during the ceremony of Opening the mouth, the Soul flies out of the body of the pharaoh and through the tunnel of the Great Egyptian pyramid, which at the time of the pharaohs was oriented in the direction of the star Betelgeuse.

    The soul fell on the Last Judgment of Osiris, which took place in the constellation Orion. Further, the body of the pharaoh was taken out of the Pyramid, and it was to be buried in the tomb. In their religious texts the Eye of Orion, the star of Betelgeuse was called by the ancients Kaa Ain the Fading Eye.

    The Egyptian Priests knew that after millennia, the position of the stars in the sky would be the same as in the days of the pharaohs. They believed that the mummy of Nefertiti would be transferred to the Great Egyptian Pyramid, a second sparkling Eye would be inserted into the empty eye socket of the sculptural image, and the past Judgment of Osiris, the purified Soul of Nefertiti, through the beam of light from the star Sirius directed through the tunnel of the Great Egyptian Pyramid, would return to the body Nefertiti is in the Queen's Chamber and Queen Nefertiti will be reborn. "

    As the world famous scientist and esotericist Drunvalo Melchizedek writes in the book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Nefertiti comes from the Sirius star system.

    The tomb and mummy of Nefertiti have not yet been found, many mysteries related to the life of Nefertiti have not yet been solved. It is not known where the beautiful one came from, it is not known when and where she left. Being initiated into the mystery of Isis, perhaps Nefertiti went through time portals to the future.

    As the ancient philosopher said: Some come and go, others also come and leave a trace "

    Source: www.zhitanska.com/con

    I agree with this statement and share this point of view. I am making a link to the official source.

  • Oh, many answer options have accumulated to this question over a hundred years:

    Version one - Queen Nefertiti was one-eyed... Immediately not, because the ancient Egyptian one-eyed princess could live a completely prosperous life, but she could not become a queen, especially the main one, for any ancient Egyptian gingerbread, the image of the king was too sacralized.

    Version two - the eye fell out or the sculptor did not have time to insert it... As you know, Akhetaton was defeated shortly after Akhenaten's death, including the sculptor's workshop. Also not, because studies of the bust showed that there was never anything in the eye socket, and most likely it was not intended.

    Version three - remember voodoo, from which the people of Ancient Egypt were not as far away as it might seem. It was impossible to create too much like a living portrait of a person, because this "model" could be damaged and the evil eye, if it dies - then please)) Isn't it modern "damage from photography"?)

  • I read this version - during the life of the pharaoh, or his wife in their images, rice or added by another method - depending on the situation, only one eye, the second appeared after the death of the depicted ruler. The reason is the religion of the Egyptians. All these images were, as it were, an additional dwelling place for the soul of Ka, the main place of stay - the mummy. If such images were completed, Ka could leave the body of a living person, having moved into the image, and this is death. Thus, we have before us a lifetime image of the beautiful Nefertitti, which for some reason was not completed after her death.

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