Why is there deception everywhere in the world?

Why is there deception everywhere in the world?

  • Cheating children learn in kindergarten and school. The professionalism of teachers is based on deception or, in other words, on hypocrisy, which children absorb like sponges and then successfully apply, testing on their fellow minds.

  • Because this value directly depends on the number of people in society, on interaction within, on the personal benefit of each, on inconsistency, clash of characters, etc., which irreversibly leads to deception and lies. For example, a family is the smallest unit of society, the minimum number of 2 people, husband and wife, and even here lies and deceit are not uncommon, everyone tries to pull the blanket over themselves, and if they lived in peace, love and harmony, respect for each other, sincerity, then Yes, deception and lies would be eradicated, but it is unreal, this will never happen! And here I would like to wish a golden mean in the relationship, and since deception cannot be fully avoided, let it be at least controlled! :-))

  • Man is such a creature who, since primitive times, has lived like a monkey and wants to receive more and give less in return. The monkey was still more stupid. Now the Chinese are deceiving us, producing mostly junk, if only they have more bad goods and a lot of money ... There is still no system in which there would be an even distribution of material wealth, in which this would be a question dropped away.

  • Craftsline,

    it's time to understand where you are and where you are.

    Our planet is a springboard for the forces of evil, I am very wrote about it many times as, for example, in the answer to the question:

    Why is there deception everywhere in the world?

    You need to understand that this world was specially created so that you feel bad and that you lose energy.

    There should be no illusion here.

    Evil forces prefer secrecy and lies - this is how you always define them.

    The forces of good are open and truthful, they have nothing to hide and there is no need to lie, hiding their theft and so on. sins up to murder.

    In our time, truth is available to everyone, and everyone is ready to accept it.

    can stop complaining about continuous lies around, and

    connect to living knowledge.

  • Because the ruler is now in this system is Evil (1 John 5: 19). And in another verse it is written that Satan is the "Father of lies" in John 8: 44. Satan is trying with all his might to sow lies everywhere and denigrate God's truth. Fortunately, this is temporarily allowed by God.

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