Why do I owe everyone? Why doesn't anyone owe me (cm)?

Why do I owe everyone? Why doesn't anyone owe me (cm)?

  • And you try to give up all the "must" - work for yourself, but no one will have to pay you a salary, or buy what you do, go into the forest and no one will have to look for you or report to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergencies, so that you tried to find, fall into gold with a concussion in a helpless state and no one will have to call an ambulance. etc. etc. , we live in a society and only because of our obligations to it we survive, otherwise the human society would not have existed for a long time!

  • In fact, if you did not borrow money from banks or other persons, by and large you do not owe anything to anyone. let's in order:

    1. I have to work for others (but no one for me). Who told you such nonsense? You may not work at all if you are a citizen of the Russian Federation. In the Russian Federation there is no law on parasitism that obliges a citizen to engage in labor activity. And all because unemployment has not been defeated. The state cannot create comfortable working conditions for everyone, and as a result, it cannot ask its citizens for it. Therefore, you can safely not work in principle, or work, but not for your uncle, but for yourself. Remember what you do well and offer your services to people. If your offer is of high quality and your services are needed, you will work for yourself. If you succeed in this difficult task, you can hire employees, and they will already work for you.
    2. I have to take care of others (but no one about me). It's not that you should ... This is the law of social survival. A person takes care of his loved ones. At first, your parents took care of you, due to your helplessness as a young child, they taught you useful knowledge that would allow you to provide for your own life, then you have (or will have) children, and you, in turn, will take care of them and your elderly parents, then the children will take care of you. Such is the cycle of care in nature.
    3. I have to be honest with everyone (but no one with me). Complete nonsense - shouldn't. Moreover, no one cares deeply about your revelations. You quickly notice this as soon as you start to be frank with someone. If you want everyone to be frank with you, go to study as a psychoanalyst. You will hear enough of this that you will still regret your choice ...
    4. I have to understand others (but no one me). should not, but it is still desirable to understand. This allows you to survive in this world. Understanding the motivation of others, an important condition for interaction in society. They will also understand you, if you want, and create conditions for that. For example, you will show the turn signal in time when you want to turn, and not play the game "guess the maneuver". So it is on the road and in life.
    5. List item

  • Debt is directly related with a sense of responsibility.

    Remember in Soviet times, this feeling was practically glorified. I must study well, I must help a generation of respectable age and little comrades who will learn from the example of the right thing in everything, I must get a good profession, I must start a family, I must travel with my family to the sea at least once a year, I must celebrate birthdays, and to invite at least a hundred people to a wedding, must not refuse a request to a friend, even if he never helps, must, must, must ...

    Debt is an internal mindset. It is necessary to be a strong Spirit, independent of the opinion of the majority, in order to refuse what parents, educators, teachers, society and the state have been pushing into their heads.

    А current generation devoid of such attitudes. Despite the fact that they created their own. What kind? Everyone should think about themselves first, " love yourself, sneeze at everyone, and success awaits you in life " (the motto is the rule from "Devil No. 13"), every self-respecting person must have his own hut at the age of 18, at least a studio room furnished according to the latest fashion requests, it would be nice to have a machine, and work to work less, but a lot receive, live with well-groomed partners who do not know how to get tired of life.

    And so , Imagine two or one people met with the first attitude towards life, the other - with the second. Moreover, age is not important. Since in Soviet times, they could educate egoists. And in our time, there are still almost ideal with a good upbringing. Do they have a dialogue with understanding? I don’t think so. Therefore, one will rush to help, because his mother taught him so, the duty means this, the other will pass someone else's misfortune, apparently his mother also taught him that way. Both have their own duty. Debt Help and Duty Deny help.

    Why do I owe everyone? Why doesn't anyone owe me (cm)?

  • The society is obliged to you: - to ensure safety;

    • minimum health protection;
    • sufficient education;
    • development as a person;

    If the society does not fulfill its part of the contract (this is the state) - you can consider yourself free from debt. the only question is whether you will be considered free by the functionaries of this state.

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