Fasting the first and last week of Lent, is this considered a Fast?

Fasting the first and last week of Lent, is this considered a Fast?

  • This is not a post, but a trick, a trick, the post must be real. But, God accepts everyone, both fasting and non-fasting. Fasting is a gift to God. They brought a gift - well, they did not bring it, it will also do. After all, we are all children of God. Does the father of his children only accept gifts? He accepts everyone. But the last 3 days, it is desirable, of course, to restrain yourself. And do not think that I am so smart, I read this from John Chrysostom. It is very good to read it from time to time, there you will find answers to many life questions. Desk book. Recomend for everybody.

  • Your parish priest gives a blessing for the post. Some exceptions are allowed for patients who are contraindicated to abstain from non-lean foods. And again with the blessing of the priest.

    During fasting, one should perform prayers, attend church services, and constantly strive for self-purification from impurity. I have fasted only once, but believe me, abstinence in food is nothing compared to overcoming the temptations of the carnal and spiritual. Although someone that.

    The first and last weeks of Lent are the most difficult. Only bread and water should be taken, and the rest of the time, follow the priest's instructions.

  • I tried to fast once - oh, this is not an easy task. In general, I realized that you need to come to this and realize in the head, and then in the stomach. The first and last week - since these are two terms on which the main emphasis is placed. For me personally, this is also a fast, but for religious people it is not considered a full-fledged fast.

  • Fasting is not only about giving up food. it is primarily the purification of the body and soul. One may not fast at all, but at the same time remember about Great Lent. I am amazed by people who dictate fasting to diet

  • There is no limit to guile. On the other hand, let them at least fast like that, but ...

    the most important thing is not to eat each other, which is necessary not only in fasting.

    In addition, one must understand that fasting is done for oneself, and not for someone else. Well, and the meaning of oneself in the Good to limit?

  • Any deprivation is considered fasting. As the priest said, even if I smoke 10 cigarettes a day, but during fasting I smoke 7 cigarettes, then this will already be fasting. Each person sets a framework for himself and does everything possible, there is no need to starve and spoil his health due to the power of faith.

    Due to the circumstances that have developed in my country, the priest said that in this post "The main thing is not to eat each other" (quote).

    Fasting the first and last week of Lent, is this considered a Fast?

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