Is a heart-to-heart conversation a vital necessity or a whim?

Is a heart-to-heart conversation a vital necessity or a whim?

  • A heart-to-heart conversation is more of a necessity than a whim. Each of us sooner or later has problems and difficult life situations. It is much more difficult for a person who withdraws into himself than for someone who can share a problem with their loved ones.

    When a person says this or that information (in this case, he talks about the difficulties of life), he, one way or another, puts everything on the shelves. Often, this is enough to see the solution to the problem.

    A heart-to-heart conversation is also an exchange of experience. It is possible that the interlocutor had the same or a similar difficult situation and he found a way out of it.

    However, there is also a negative side of such conversations, you can "get hooked" on them and, thus, lose the ability to solve problems, even the smallest ones, on your own. Therefore, do not use them (conversations) too often.

  • This is not a necessity, it is a need put by God in the creation of man. Man is created with the need to communicate and, moreover, at a good level, trusting. Without this, a person gets sick, since he is deprived of the necessary attention and understanding, help. The ability to love and be loved is also invested in a person, much in communication depends on the person himself.

  • All people are completely different, there are no identical paths in life. A heart-to-heart conversation, for someone it is a vital necessity, but for someone it is a whim. One thing I understood for sure in this life is that you cannot accumulate all kinds of information in your soul, and of course it's good if you have such a person with whom you pray to have a heart-to-heart talk.

  • Everyone needs it! Heart-to-heart talk gives you a chance to release your inner horrors and not make them worse.

    I often hear the words: he / she does not understand me.

    Question: how to understand all of you if you are silent about the most important thing and hide deep inside? A person must be a telepathic person to understand you. The problem is that if he really wants to understand you, he will become a telepath. And where do you go from him then? You understand that if you have brought a person to the point where he easily begins to read you, you tied each other in such a way that getting out of this tangle would be very problematic for both. You will feel simple and uninteresting, and he will feel that you feel simple and uninteresting. As a result, two people suffer. Better to make contact honestly and frankly. Don't break the second life.

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