Are there demons?

Are there demons?

  • There is plenty of evidence for the existence of demons, and not only the Bible (although it was written by people, but the writers spoke about such things that a mere mortal cannot predict, and even in detail. Therefore, we can safely conclude that the Bible is a book from the Creator).

    But take as an example the terrible changes that have taken place over the past decades. Well, why weren't people so cruel and aggressive before? Why were there no gruesome killings? The wars of that time are compared to today's street fights! Why weren't there so many drug addicts, Devil worshipers and spiritualism? People used to go out to God for a blessing when leaving home, but now they listen to horoscopes! God for them is nobody, an empty place, but what the Devil likes is flourishing and is in great demand and popularity! Young people wear skulls on T-shirts, in their ears and on their fingers. Death is advertised everywhere, as something attractive and not scary. Is it normal?

    Yes, of course, this happened, but not in the same quantity, and not everywhere! Why have people changed so drastically? How to explain what is happening? I have only one answer: Bible prophecies are fulfilled! One of them, that the Devil in the last days will be in a strong rage! (Revelation 12: 12).

  • To be honest, I would not like to receive evidence in this world for a positive answer to this question. Maybe they exist, maybe not ... I am quite satisfied with ignorance. And I try not to bother with such questions. Problems in the world and without demons above the roof. Although they may just be the causes of these problems.

  • More terrible than demons, which sometimes in people you open

    for yourself, there can be no "impure forces"

    from the realm of fantasy.

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