Overmind, what is it?

Overmind, what is it?

  • The supermind is understood absolutely any mind that surpasses the best minds of mankind in all areas, such as scientific research or social skills. The supermind can be both weak, that is, if the human brain is accelerated at double speed, and there is also a strong one, this is when not only speed but also superiority.

  • For me, the supermind is a category that is beyond the control of the human mind. This is the Supreme Mind! It is he who is decisive on Earth; it is thanks to him that there are laws according to which each planet, including our Earth, has its place and purpose in the Universe. Moreover, our planet is designed in such a way that a huge amount of living and inanimate nature is concentrated on it, everything is subject to certain laws that a person will study all his life. A lot of natural and other phenomena that do not depend on man and will never obey his will and reason. And, finally, the man himself, the origin and capabilities of which also do not yet lend themselves to ordinary reason. This is perhaps what I can attribute to the supermind!

    Overmind, what is it?

  • Overmind can be strong or weak. Weak superintelligence is a consequence of the increased work of the human brain, that is, in fact, it is a human brain running at higher powers. In this way, weak superintelligence is just an accelerated human brain... A strong superintelligence is not just an accelerated human brain, it is a qualitatively new level of thinking, as if comparing the thinking of a mouse and a human.

  • Supermind is a region of consciousness that is beyond the mind, the highest state of mind, consciousness-truth ...

    Overmind, what is it?



  • Supermind is any intelligence that surpasses all other minds in all areas. Supermind is wisdom, strength, love, justice.

  • Supermind is a mind far superior to the best human minds in all areas of human endeavor.

  • The Overmind is the creature that led the Zerg Swarm.

    The supermind was created by the ancient civilization of Zelnaga, who thus wanted to rid the zerg race they had created of the problems associated with the individualistic principle. The supermind fully controlled the activities of all zerg. However, the stronger Overmind attacked the fleet of creators and completely destroyed it, while gaining access to their technologies. In addition, he learned about the existence of the Protoss civilization and, fearing that over time they could become a threat to his power, he decided to completely destroy them.

    After many thousands of years of wandering through space, the Superintelligence nevertheless found protoss and even tried to invade their home planet Ayur, but was defeated and was killed by Tassadar, who directed his flagship directly to the Superintelligence.

    And you're talking about God ... Comrade trolls you, trolls ...

  • Supermind is a kind of matter that "lives" in space and controls all the cosmic laws of the dense and invisible world. This is something that the human mind cannot grasp, this is something higher, which is beyond the bounds of human consciousness.

    Overmind, what is it?

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