Is this the way life has gone in the 21st century?

Is this the way life has gone in the 21st century?

  • Everything is accurate and correct) But we ourselves are to blame for all this) We began to strive for Europe, for their values ​​and way of life, and they used to have slogans like "sex, drugs, money" and in the 90s we came to that the same as there. The whole immoral image of the European youth was imprinted on our generation.

    And indeed now many people look into people's pockets, and not into their hearts. Like if there is not a lot of money a man means not a man, he will not be able to provide for his family, children, love to the grave.

  • Life is what it was, and it has remained so. Lermontov's sadness: "And it's boring and sad, and there is no one to give a hand to" ... - is always relevant. At all times, people were horrified by morals and customs, in this regard, they began to anticipate the end of the world from ancient times, almost from the fourth century new centuries. Humanity suffers from the same old vices that are listed in the commandments. The only trouble is that you do not want to enter into a fierce battle and fight for Good. There is spiritual beauty in people and therefore their hearts suffer, lose heart, despair, cry and weep, so that one day they can surrender themselves to God and say: "I am yours, Lord, save me!"

    Instead of being sad that there is no light and warmth in people, you must first of all dig up all of yourself and be horrified by your trash and ask yourself questions: "What can you yourself do to show the world a ray of warmth, light, kindness, understanding, love?"

    “Save yourself and thousands around you will be saved!” - this is the main line of the teachings of faith in God.

    Is the Internet just bad? The Internet is the same world, completely and completely reflecting everything that happens to us, right down to our heart's feelings. The world is as we see it ourselves. There is as much good and evil in nm as in ourselves. Every person is the arena of the struggle between God and the Devil for his heart.

    Everything on Earth was, is and will be: good and evil, love and hatred, wealth and poverty, labor and laziness, until the earthlings are mired in sins to such an extent that the Creator reveals himself in order to administer the Last Judgment.

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