Is time "horizontal" or "vertical"?

Is time "horizontal" or "vertical"?

  • Evil,

    no one knows or understands either the energy of time or its structure.

    Therefore, we have no material for such reasoning.

    The future already exists, so the film is recorded on a disk or a USB flash drive in its entirety, but we watch it sequentially. And the book is the same.

    We do not remember our past lives, but they are also recorded in the memory of the soul.

    Clairvoyants see the future in the higher layers of the atmosphere, and it descends on us from top to bottom.

    In this sense, it is vertical.

    But it can line up both horizontally and diagonally - it depends on where and how to look.

    There are worlds where time moves backwards, and there was such a movie.

  • in life - everything happens consistently and we, together with everyone around us, "float" from the past to the future

    or life floats by us and the future becomes the present, and then the past 🙂

    there is one exception - our consciousness, in which we can simultaneously think about everything - both the past and the present and the future

  • Time flows exactly horizontally. In the macrocosm, it is obvious that everything is going as it should. But this evidence is deceptive, since in the transition from the macrocosm to quantum mechanics, events become probabilistic. Although this tiny probability does not appear immediately, however, over a long time it can change a lot within the macrocosm.

    A simple example. The old computer performs distributed computing. Due to old age, one of the processor's transistors may not work correctly, or it may work correctly. In the case of a correct operation, everything will pass in normal mode, and in case of an incorrect one, the server will give the same task to other computers to refine the calculation. Although the past is clearly defined in this example, the future cannot be determined due to the probability not equal to 1. This prevents time from being represented as vertical.

    There are thoughts that the same "computing failures" can occur in the human brain, even in normal mode. That is, freedom of choice is also probabilistic.

  • Kurt Vonnegut in "Slaughter 5" beautifully reveals this topic. There is no past, future and present - it is just a piece of being that our limited consciousness can perceive. By the way, physics considers space and time as a continuum, that is, everything exists at the same time. therefore

  • Spatial characteristics are not suitable for time because this is a different kind of measurement. In these dimensions there exists and manifests the phylum category of matter. Well, matter and energy cannot exist without movement, transformation and development in time and space. The 5th dimension is probably culture.

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