What does being human mean to you?

What does being human mean to you?

  • To be a Human means to cultivate human qualities in oneself (as it sounds trite), the desire to leave a mark on this earth, concern for the future, investing in this society of one's strength, skills and knowledge. This is the ability to remain Human even in changed conditions, even in the most difficult situations. This is the ability to carry God's spark to the end, without deviating from the intended path. Yes, it is human nature to make mistakes, but he will do everything to understand this mistake and not commit more.

  • Man is a rational being, which has some characteristic qualities, without which he cannot be called such. These qualities can be called:

    • compassion for other people
    • love for all living things
    • care for helpless people, children, animals
    • have a dream and strive for it
    • do good don't think evil
    • help other people and relatives
    • be polite
  • If we compare a person with an animal, then a person will be distinguished by the fact that a person has a spiritual world, a soul that keeps positive qualities (kindness, love, mercy) and fights negative ones (pride, envy, selfishness). This is what you need to do - keep the positive and not show the negative, this is what it means to be human.

  • Being human? Well, first of all:

    1.Glad that you were born and you are a man :)

    2. Respect your parents, appreciate what they do for you ...

    3. Always come to their aid, do not forget about them.

    4. Do not forget that there are still people around, both you and you.

    5. Get to the help of a friend, do not refuse in a difficult moment.

    6.Other :) (this is my center word :)), because everyone has his own life, his own values, and everyone decides for himself what and how to achieve in this life and at the same time remain a person.

  • Being a person is, first of all, being yourself, and not putting a mask on your face and changing it according to circumstances. Honesty and decency are very important factors for a person.

    To be a man is to have compassion for all living things and to preserve the flora and fauna, to love our smaller brothers-animals.

    You should always try to do good deeds and deeds and not dive into the negative. Have a positive attitude and of course enjoy life, it is given once and you need to live it in a proper way.

    Being a person is, of course, self-developing and learning throughout life, gaining life experience. Respect and support others.

  • Being human! For me, this means, above all, to have a conscience. After all, only this feeling is not known to other animals living on this planet. And, of course, do not suppress her in yourself, contact her more often, consult with your conscience and act as she tells you. To my dear conscience was clean and calm.

  • Being human is a real pride, as it is different from an animal. People have logic, aspiration, thinking, knowledge and, most importantly, Faith, because Faith in something is Faith in essence ... Spirituality and speech are the most important difference from the animal world, and if so, then We are Humanity!

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