What is a super ego?

What is a super ego?

  • Since you have indicated socionics in the tags, then I understand that it was about intertype relationships in socionics, which are called "super-ego". This is the relationship between two types of conflict quadras, which have the same indicators on the basis of rationality and discretion, but different - in ethics-logic and intuition-sensing. Here are the super-ego pairs:

    Don Quixote and Napoleon

    Dumas and Balzac

    Robespierre and Dreiser

    Hugo and Jack London

    Hamlet and Stirlitz

    Maxim Gorky and Dostoevsky

    Zhukov and Huxley

    Yesenin and Gaben.

    This relationship is usually not very pleasant, since the two have different values. And even if at first the super-designer attracts with his well-developed basic function (which the partner has a role-playing one, I would like to shine with it, but it does not work out so brightly). But then, in the process of communication, creative functions begin to appear, which are painful for super-engineers.

  • Now I know exactly who the super-egos are! This is a friend of mine who by the age of 50 had worked for several years. Her daughter was raised after the hospital and to this day by her father-in-law and mother-in-law. They also left her and her son (her husband) a 2-room apartment. After several unsuccessful attempts, my husband recently went to his parents. BUT pays in full for the communal apartment and pays for her mobile + brings money for life + takes her to the market and buys her groceries.

    And now this person is tormenting me for the hundredth time in order to dismiss my husband from the apartment. And my negative answer and the message that the apartment was not hers at all finished her off. For a long time she explained the laws to her. Then she bothered me with how to pick up at least the garage of her husband's parents. To the answer "No way!" I almost fainted with a groan: "This cannot be! He left me! He must pay for this!"

  • In fact, a person with a super-ego is a person who considers himself the smartest and the best, regardless of what others think of nm. Super-ego is a very high self-esteem, it is difficult to communicate with such people

  • super-ego or "super-self" is a moral attitude in a person, the way he interacts in society. . what is guided by ethical rules, beliefs, his choice of religious preferences or lack thereof .. super-ego includes: ideals, conscience and critical introspection .. super-ego controls all conventions and acquired experience ..

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