Feeling when looking at the sky?

Feeling when looking at the sky?

  • I am afraid of heights and depths. When I look at the sky for a long time, it seems to me that I am starting to drown, I am suffocating. Scary((

  • When looking at the sky, different sensations arise. Beauty, endless space, already captures the spirit. But if you just imagine how I arrive on some planet, and what I see there? The landscape is Martian, the sulfuric atmosphere is like on Venus, at a lunar temperature of two hundred degrees with plus dnm and two hundred degrees with minus at night. So, we can draw conclusions from reasoning and ideas - the universe is great, and there is nowhere to go. Earth is our home. And they do not seek from goodness.

  • I watch it every day. When the sky is blue with big fluffy clouds it takes your breath away, you feel how much space there is far away ... infinity ...

  • It all depends on the mood, if it's good, then not only the sky seems beautiful, but the whole wildlife, even people are prettier. In many ways, the beauty of the sky is determined by the weather. I want to look at a clear, slightly cloudy sky for a long time. As a child, I liked to imagine some images from the clouds.

  • I personally look at the sky often, when I am in nature or in the country, and naturally late in the evening or at night, but especially late at night, when there is silence around and there is no additional lighting.

    Now about the sensations. If I put it that way, it seems that the sky is just mannitoling and calling. maybe that's why those on whom the budgets of countries depend are releasing such huge amounts of money for space exploration.

    Of course, they can also be understood, since the sky is simply striking in its depth and infinity.

    Well, how beautiful the sky is at night in cloudless weather, it is simply beyond words. Moreover, sometimes it seems that somewhere high-flying spaceships, but most likely these are just comets or meteorites.

  • I really like to look at the clouds and fantasize what they look like. Whoever I can not see in the sky. And it is useful for vision, the eyes are resting. Yes, and this occupation calms me very much, thoughts disappear, my nerves come to order.

  • I'll start with lines from a poem by Alina Ruzhina * I love the sky at midnight *

    Feeling when looking at the sky?

    I manage to look at the sky every day, since my husband and I have a mandatory walk in the evening in any weather. The sky looks different at different times of the year. I especially like the evening sunset in the summer, things are happening in the sky that you freeze in place, forgetting about everything in front of the Universe - about your problems, ailments and ailments. I would like to look and look endlessly at this boundless, attractive ocean of stars. When you look at the sky for a long time, you manage to see amazing objects, animals, and sometimes some scenes, and it seems - is this a mirage or is it really all? And in winter, we often observe an atmospheric optical phenomenon (halo) - a rainbow of ice crystals around the moon or around lanterns or the northern lights. This is indescribable beauty, giving peace of mind and a great boost of energy.

  • I don’t remember when it was the last time, but it’s really great! Depends, of course, on the weather, but the result is always the same - it's joy! It happens that you go on a bus or in a car, you fix your gaze on some cloud, imagine it as a little bear, fantasies immediately flow, I usually look for some kind of sign, everything is displayed exactly in the sky, I saw a smile, I will pass the exam, sometimes I will see gloomy brows, it means a gloomy day, this is about the clouds! Looking at the sky is just a pleasure, it is the same as looking at the expanses of water, at the waves in the sea or a stream! In fact, the sky is a kind of dome, like in a circus, you look and the gaze flies away, in general I, as a representative of melancholy, very often do this "procedure" and advise you)

  • Something huge, incomprehensible, unknown, becomes a little scary, but what's next? Of course, such greatness takes your breath away, especially from the starry sky, I try to go out every evening and look at the stars. I always admired its limitlessness, scale, you feel so tiny, interesting sensations.

  • I look at him almost every day - usually as soon as I go out into the street.

    If the sky is without clouds and the day is going to be sunny, this gives a feeling of confidence that the day will be successful.

    If the sky is cloudy - a feeling of anxiety that it will rain and all plans will have to be changed.

    If it rains - a feeling of disappointment and annoyance, but again somewhere you hope that it is about to end.

    And again - if there is no rain for too long - you look at the clean, cloudless sky with regret that the rain never came.

    The night sky evokes something different and inspires thoughts about how small we really are in this vast universe.

  • If you cannot go to the sea, look at the sky, you will become closer to space. You can look at the sky endlessly, calmness comes, and the head seems to be working. It is interesting to watch how the clouds float, what shape they are and how the sun's rays break through the edges of the clouds. The sky brings only joy, the blue color soothes.

  • I do not feel particularly strong feelings when looking at the sky. It's nice, of course, on a warm summer day, to see how light clouds run across the blue transparent sky. But on the other hand, before bad weather, you will not see anything pleasant in the sky.

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