Project yourself to others like this?

Project yourself to others like this?

  • For example: a child was born to a person close to you. And you have no children. And in order to feel better his joy and emotions of a person, you try to imagine yourself in his place, in his situation. It is also called "being in the shoes of another person." and FOR ACTORS IT'S CALLED "LIVING IN THE ROLE".

  • There is such an expression "Judge by yourself". For example, you gave a person a loan, but he does not call on the appointed day, does not appear. If you are a scrupulous person, then you are likely to think; "Probably he cannot give, he is worried, he cannot find words to justify himself." And a person is a deceiver by nature, he would have thought: "Yes, he threw me up like a sucker, he was not going to give it up ..." A forgetful man would think: "Probably, he started spinning, forgot. Didn't look. What date is today." These are all projections. And the real situation may be completely different, for example, a person gave money when you had not yet returned from work, but not to you, but to his wife. And the wife urgently went to her sister, and did not have time to tell you that the money was "in the bedside table."

  • This technique is not the most effective, we are all very different: culture, upbringing, habits, but when making serious decisions, you should think about what you would do if you were in that person’s place.

    Psychology of relationships is a very serious science!

  • To project yourself onto others is to expect, or to see in another person the qualities inherent in yourself, unaware of your blindness to the qualities that are inherent in another, but you do not have them. So, a person prone to cunning always expects a trick from others, even if they are filled with completely sincere intentions. Projection can cause a real change in behavior in the person onto whom we are projecting ourselves, i.e. provoke the expected behavior.

    We are all more or less inclined to project ourselves.

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