What does the exclamation looool mean?

What does the exclamation looool mean?

  • loool = lol is an abbreviation for "lot of laugh which translated from English - a lot of laughter. I also saw this explanation: lol looks like a Russian letter Ыexpressing laughter in internet slang 🙂

  • Interestingly, neither Google translator, nor Yandex, nor Promt translate the word "looool" in any way.

    And the word "looool" comes from the abbreviation "lol", which means "laugh out loud" or "lot of laugh" and translates as "laugh out loud", "a lot of laughter".

    Those. "looool" means - oh-oh-oh-oh-very funny.

  • lol, S, Gee-gee, Bu-ha-ha and many other exclamations mean laughter, but how else can you convey laughter on the Runet. in principle, so cool too ... ahah ...

  • This exclamation is an abbreviation of the English phrase Laughing Out Loud. What literally means I laugh out loud. This is often found on the Internet, especially in social media. networks. Also serves as a replacement for smilies.

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