What is the Nilfgaard empire?

What is the Nilfgaard empire?

  • Empire Nilfgaard This is a fictional state, which the Polish science fiction writer Andrzej Sapkowski invented and described in his fantasy cycle The Witcher Saga.

    The Nilfgaard Empire is in a different world, whose name has not been invented, Polish admirers of Sapkowski named it in honor of the main character, Geralt of Rivia, nicknamed The Witcher, wiat wiedmina (Witch World). It is located in the south of a single continent and is the most powerful state in this world. Its capital is called the Nilfgaard empire itself.

    The empire is a very developed state, ahead of its northern neighbors, the Nords, whom several have already tried to conquer. Unable to conquer the northern lands, the Nilfgaards were able to seize a number of states, setting obedient regimes in them.

    The novels about the Witcher takes place in the 13th century. The ruler of the empire is Emgyr Var Emrace (title White Flame, Dancing on the Mounds of Enemies). A descendant of an ancient imperial family, he managed to seize power with the help of the wizard Vilgefortsa from Roggeveena. The usurper proved to be a strong ruler. Having dealt with the dreams of the Nilfgaard aristocracy about the constitution, which was supposed to limit the power of the monarch, he managed to build a very effective vertical of power and create the largest and best army in this world. In many ways, the successes of Emgyr and his empire are due to the fact that he, when he was appointed to posts, paid attention to abilities, and not to origin. In addition, unlike the northern states, Nilfgaard does not pursue a policy of discrimination of nonhumans (elves, gnomes and krasnoludov), which in many respects provided him with leadership in technology and economics. Another feature of the empire, that unlike the northern lands, the Nilfgaard wizards are not powerful rulers, even if unofficial, only formally subordinate to kings, but merely civil servants who must obey the emperor.

    Natalia Rezanova believes that the prototype of Nilfgaard was III Reich. Not for nothing, according to her opinion, the author inserted into the novels the group of troops Center and East, and also dressed Nilfgaard in black uniforms with stripes in the form of lightning. However, some other critics, as well as readers, see in Nilfgaard not only the III Reich, but also the USSR and the USA, sometimes revealing the features of all these three states at once.

    Spends Rezanova and other parallels with our world. So, in her opinion, Emgyra attempts to conquer the northern lands resemble World War II, only Sapkovsky is fighting with each other not the West and the East, but the North and the South. Zintra and Rivia simultaneously play roles immediately and Czech Republic and Poland, the first victims of the aggression of Nazi Germany. Redmen are associated with Jews, although not always. Elvesliving in the lands of the northern kingdoms are similar in their actions to forest brothers. Council of Kings she compares with League of Nations, Tanedd Island Massacre с Night long knives.

    But Rezanova did not find any prototypes of specific characters. So, according to e opinion Emperor Emgyr is a collective image of a tyrant, Dijkstra head of special services in general. Only in the image of Vilgefortsa she discovered the infamous Dr. Mengele.

    Is Nilfgaard an evil empireWell, this is how to look. All the same, it is not III Reich. Yes, a semi-totalitarian state, tightly controlling its subjects and not stopping in front of very steep measures to achieve its goals. At the same time, there is no racism in nm, the policy of equality is pursued, or it may be better to say equal rights of all nations.

  • What is the Nilfgaard empire?

    Empire Wilfgaard a powerful southern empire in a fantasy universe, which was invented by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. He has written seven books and stories about "The Witcher's World", combined into one saga.

    On its basis, a series was filmed, a computer game was created and even a rock opera was written.

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