From which institutions were the artists recruited for the first court theater?

From which institutions were the artists recruited for the first court theater?

  • The first theaters appeared even under Alexei Mikhailovich, artists were recruited from everywhere, there were no special educational institutions for teaching acting, so whoever wanted to become artists.

    Artists were recruited mainly from drinking establishments.

    The correct answer is drinking.

  • Based on numerous sources regarding the first court theater, which opened during the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich, the first performance was staged in 1672, the artists for which were gathered from various places, for example, from shops, as well as from drinking establishments.

    Here is the correct answer about the establishments - Drinking.

  • The first experiments of theatrical performances in Russia were rather uncomplicated. It turns out that the actors for the court theater were initially collected simply in public drinking establishments, apparently due to a lack of decent personnel. DRINKING

  • Where is the easiest place to find idle people and at the same time loving spectacles. That's right - in taverns or taverns, in any drinking establishments.

    They are already warmed up, react to remarks well and will also spread around the city about the new theater. Such spectators were called drinking rooms.

    The answer is drinking.

  • This issue is about the very first theaters, when it was not so easy to find a good actor, so they were invited from wherever they could. And where there is a large crowd of people, of course, where there is trade, so they recruited artists from the employees of the stores, and of course from the Piteiny.

  • The correct answer will surprise everyone. Actors were invited to the first court theater directly from the street, or rather, they were invited from shops and pubs. It is interesting on what principle and who carried out such a set of actors.

    The answer to the quiz question is DRINKING.

  • Casting in our first court theater, created in the seventeenth century, took place in the most crowded institutions and even just from noisy streets. And out of eight letters for the correct answer, "DRINKING" establishments are the most suitable for us.

  • A lot has been written about the creation of the first Russian theater at the court of Alexei Mikhailovich, however, the information necessary to answer this question had to be looked for. Artists for the court theater were recruited everywhere, but visitors to some public institutions seemed to be the most talented and suitable ... Answer: "Drinking houses".

  • Previously, there was no picture or trial, as in our time. Directors sometimes looked for actors and actresses in stores, on the streets and even in drinking establishments specially.

    Therefore drinking will be the correct answer in the quiz.

  • Many articles had to be raised to answer this question. Basically, it is written that they tried to invite foreign artists to the court theater. But that was much later. Initially, men for the performances in this theater were recruited from public places such as shops, taverns.

    The common name for them will be the correct answer - from drinking institutions.

  • Theater for Russia in the 17th century was a new and unusual spectacle, although its origins were already in Russian buffoonery culture and performances. But such fun was more for ordinary people, for the courtiers and the tsar the show was prepared by a higher class.

    There were no acting schools at that time, so the first actors were recruited from a variety of institutions, wherever they could find. Among them were drinking establishments, where it was easier to attract young people to a new profession, because they were there under the influence of strong drinks.

    From which institutions were the artists recruited for the first court theater?

    DRINKING - the correct answer to this question.

  • The first court theater appeared in Russia in 1672 (before it there was only the theater of buffoons or the theater of Petrushka, which were not suitable for the royal court because of rude jokes).

    The tsar really wanted to create a theater, he nurtured this idea since 1660.

    The first performance in the theater was a comedy, the theme of the performance was even approved by a special decree of the tsar.

    And the actors for the production were recruited from the youth of the German Sloboda - a motley audience, more often from drinking establishments that often damaged property, broke windows, broke fences.

    After the death of the emperor, the theater also fell into oblivion.

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