What kind of Indian singer is better to listen to?

What kind of Indian singer is better to listen to?

  • There is such a very famous voice-over singer in India - Lata Mangeshkar. She is one of the most respected Indian singers. He even has a kind of record entered in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of entries. During her long career, Lata has earned almost all possible awards in her homeland.

  • I advise you to listen to Kaushiki Chakrabarti-this is the famous singer of classical Indian vocals. You can also listen to Asha Bhosle is one of the most famous and respected voice-overs in India. You can also listen to Depika Josh-Shah, an Indian singer, though she died.

  • I want you to strongly advise such a female performer Virgo Premal. She is one of the three best mantra and sacred singers, she became the first number in all ratings for several days after the release of the album, she uses ancient musical instruments such as sitar, dotar, udu, bansuri, tabala, but do not hesitate to guitar, violin and grand piano from which, when listening, just goosebumps go

  • The golden voice of the world is Lata Mandeskar, the voiceover singer of a huge number of Indian films, she certainly has an "Indian" voice - high, clear, no one else has it. But in general, everyone has their own favorite timbre of voice, that's what will fall on your soul. I propose a video where Lata performs with a famous actor and together (Lata - sings, he - reads the text) recall an excerpt from the Indian film "Love Affair"

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