Who plays the role of "psycho" in the series "Fizruk"?

Who plays the role of "psycho" in the TV series "Fizruk"?

  • The role of Foma's trusty friend, since the days of the "dashing nineties", who knows how to "sort out" any situation - Lhu, nicknamed "Psycho" - is played by the actor Vladimir Vladimirovich Sychv.

    Vladimir is a graduate of GITIS, has been acting in films since the age of twelve. He began, like many actors who have been filming since childhood, in the Yeralash newsreel (for example, you can see him in such stories: "Brazilian system", "Let's say compliments to each other", "Sea battle").

    Born actor in Moscow, 6 June 1971-th year.

    Vladimir Sychv has an impressive filmography, but the roles are episodic. We can say that it was the role of Lhi in the series "Fizruk" that brought him wide popularity.

    Who plays the role of "psycho" in the TV series "Fizruk"?

  • The role of the Psycho is played by Vladimir Sychev.

    His career began with a favorite jerusalem. Began to be removed quite early from 12 years.

    Now there is work on the film Rodina where he will play Dimona.

    I also remember his roles in the last films: Gyulcatay-there he played Petra.

    Also in 2011 the film Duhless was shot, where the actor played blond.

  • Vladimir Sychev plays the role of psycho, in the series Fizruk, he is the best friend of Thomas, played by Dmitry Nagiyev. In the movie, Vladimir plays with 12 years, and he remembered us as an actor of the children's Ynezhev magazine Yeralash.

  • The roles of Foma's friend nicknamed "Psycho" in the TV series "Fizruk" plays Vladimir Sychev. A very good actor, who coped well with his role. I really like him, well, of course, apart from Dmitry Nagiyev.

    Who plays the role of "psycho" in the TV series "Fizruk"?

  • The role of the hero "crazy, he is Lha" in the new comedy series "Fizruk" is played by Vladimir Vladimirovich Sychv. According to the series, he is a former criminal and friend of "Thomas" who is played by Dmitry Vladimirovich Nogiev, he also plays the main role.

  • In the Russian comedy series "Fizruk" actor Vladimir Sychev plays the role of Psycho. The series itself is very interesting, with an unusual plot development. So if you have a desire to get positive, then turn on the TNT channel tonight at 20.30 Moscow time. In addition to Vladimir Sychev, Dmitry Nagiyev, Alexander Gordon and many others play in the series.

  • Best friend of Thomas, a guy with a criminal past named Psycho and named Leha. Very bright character. Very positive. And Vladimir Sychev performs this role.

    I remember this actor from the TV series "Moms", "DMB"

  • The role of a friend of Thomas (Dmitry Nagiyev), nicknamed Psycho and by the name of Lecha, he is Alexei Alekseyevich, in the popular humorous series Fizruk not TNT was played by the famous Russian actor Vladimir Sychev. According to the scenario, the Psycho owns a strip club, and many scenes of the series are held there.

  • The role of "Psycho", concurrently, Foma's best friend in the TV series "Fizruk" on TNT is played by a Russian actor - Vladimir Sychev. The actor is well-known, he does his role well, I think. He sympathized with me for a long time, especially on the TV series "DMB".

  • The Russian TV series "Fizruk" is currently broadcast on TNT in the evening. The series is directed by Sergei Sentsov and Fdor Stukov. Well, in the main roles in the series, you can see the following persons: Dmitry Nagiyev and Alexander Gordon, Polina Grenz and Anastasia Panina, Vladimir Sychev and Daniil Vakhrushev, Andrey Kryzhny and Artur Sopelnik, Oksana Sidorenko, Karina Mishulina.

    The series itself has a fairly high viewer rating. It is very attractive in the series - this is the plot, which is unpredictable. Well, the role of "Psycho" is played by an actor Vladimir Sychev, known to us for his roles in such films as "Lyubka", "DMB", "Moms".

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