Who is Malika Kalantarova, what is known?

Who is Malika Kalantarova, what is known?

  • Malika Kalantarova (her surname is spelled differently by both Kalandarova and Kolontarova) is a talented Soviet dancer from Tajikistan.

    She was born in 1950, and in 1984 she already received the title of People's Artist of the USSR - this was a tremendous success at that time, too young - only 34 years old.

    But the girl’s talent was so noticeable that it was apparently impossible not to appreciate it.

    Unfortunately, after the collapse of the USSR, political instability began in the republic and the family Maliki Kalantarova moved to the USA, where she has been living since 1993.

    The program "Let them talk" showed their luxurious house in the States, where she lives with her husband Ilyas Gulkarov, also a musician. They have two children, two sons - Marik and Arthur. That's about Arthur and there was a program "Let them talk."

    He became a famous dancer, very talented. However, he always considered himself not a man, but a girl. Arthur recently changed sex and became Samira. Mother made his decision, no matter how difficult it was.

    Malika Kalantarova

  • People's Artist of the USSR Malika Kalantarova (Mazol Yashuvaevna Kolontarova) was born on September 2, 1950 in a family of Bukharian Jews. Ballet dancer, actress, teacher, since 1993 with her family lives in the United States. Two children - Marik and Arthur. Arthur changed sex and became Samira.

Wishes to the subscribers of the MrOtabekTv channel from the legendary Malika Kolontarova - People's Artist of the USSR.

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