Who is Louis de Funes?

Who is Louis de Funes?

  • It is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Watch Fantômas, Fantômas Rampaged, Fantômas vs. Scotland Yard, Little Bather, the Gendarme of Saint Tropez series and many other films with this wonderful comedian, whose performance is impossible to watch without a smile. The whole civilized world knew him, where at least a little French comedy films were shown.

  • Louis de Funes was a film actor, director, and the greatest comedian in world cinema. He was born on July 31, 1914. In his youth, Louis was a pianist and played jazz brilliantly. During the game, he made faces, which greatly amused the audience.

    In 1945, Louis de Funes began acting in films. In the beginning, these were not big roles. But then success comes to him. The actor starred in the role of Commissioner Juve in the film "Fantômas", then in the serial film "The Gendarme and His Subordinates" and in many other films. He was very popular. He was adored by millions of viewers.

    The artist was married and lived with his wife for 40 years. She was his wife until the end of his life. He died of a heart attack in 1983 at age 68.

    Who is Louis de Funes?

  • a great man who loved to grow roses, as de saint exupery bequeathed

  • Louis de Funes is a famous French actor, screenwriter, film director and one of the greatest comedians in the world.

  • Louis de Funes was born on July 31, 1914, in France (Courbevuva). He is an actor, screenwriter and film director by profession. He is widely known in the film No Thief Caught (directed by Yves Robert), where he played the main role of the poacher Blairot. He also starred in many films. He was also awarded 2 awards (in 1973 - Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor, in 1980 - the Cesar Prize (Avaricious film)) This wonderful actor died on January 27, 1983 (at age 68).

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