Is it possible to publish a collection of poems at the expense of the publishing house at the present time?

Is it possible to publish a collection of poems at the expense of the publishing house at the present time?

  • Doubtful. After publishing your poems, the publisher will spend money on it. This means that it (the publishing house) must be one hundred percent convinced that it will be able to sell these poems, and "recapture" the invested money. But since poems are not very popular now, then hardly any publishing house will undertake their release.

  • I think it's real, but for this, the poems should already become popular, for example, on the same Internet. Alternatively - Vera Polozkova. Unfortunately, the present time cannot be called the century of poetry - even the proven ones are not in demand. Poetry is figurative and sublime, and modern consciousness is mercantile. However, if you find consonant strings in the soul of a modern person, you can gain popularity and provoke the release of your own collection. Although, poems set to music have a greater chance of being heard, even if they are of lower quality.

  • Actually, if you get into the topic, for example, to some anniversary of a landmark event in the life of the country. For example, the Victory anniversary in the Great Patriotic War. But poems should be in the subject.

    And so rely more on your pocket and on sponsors, if you find.

  • For a novice author, it is unrealistic. At present, the books of even famous poets are published in small print runs (up to 1 copies) and, as a rule, do not pay off. The most sensible approach is to publish a book with a circulation of 000 copies. at your own expense (for example, within the project it will cost only 50 rubles, including aircraft). With such a book (it is important that it is done professionally, not on the knee) it will be easier to find an investor: you can show him not a stack of A14 sheets, but a finished product. In any case, poetry should not be viewed as a source of constant income. Even with certain abilities.

    Ed Pobuzhansky, the poet

  • For those who write, it is important that their poems are printed. This is understandable to all desire. The question is: why do you want to print poetry? That all people learn about your poems, to give volumes of poetry to close people or just so that you have a book with your poems in your home? If you think that your poems will be interesting to people and the poems are good enough, you can try to find a sponsor. The sponsor can be the city (regional) authorities, the department of culture, the publishing house of the newspaper, some private entrepreneur-lover of poetry. If you want to print books in a small print run, you can arrange it at your own expense. This is not so expensive. My daughter put her poem in the magazine along with her classmates. The magazine was published in a private printing house. Each author of poems magazine cost from 100 to 300 rubles (depending on the quality of the paper).

  • Of course, with a lot of luck, this is possible, but unlikely. A publishing house is a commercial enterprise, it must make a profit from its activities. Although publishers also have charitable campaigns for advertising purposes, then they can publish in a small print run and poems by novice authors. But you shouldn't count on it.

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