The series "Spider" on the First Channel - your reviews, is it worth watching?

The series "Spider" on the First - your reviews, is it worth watching?

  • If you are a fan of detective stories and exciting investigations, then you should definitely watch the Spider series, in which Cherkasov's task force called Goznak is investigating mysterious and high-profile crimes. Each episode has a new investigation, new heroes, new difficulties.

    The series "Spider" on the First - your reviews, is it worth watching?

  • I think it's worth it. The series "Spider" is a continuation of the previously filmed series "Mosgaz" and "Executioner."

    The picture, in my opinion, is interesting and worthy of the viewer's attention.

  • Why not take a look? Nothing such a detective with intrigue. It's not worth looking for the historical truth or something else serious there, as in the previous two, but just taking time is fine. It is even better than Mosgaz and the Executioner, in my opinion.

  • I like this series of detective films with Andrey Smolyakov and Marina Alexandrova. Interesting plots, there is a good intrigue, keeps you in suspense, immerses you in the atmosphere of different years of Soviet times. It's interesting for me to watch.

  • Undoubtedly, this series is worth watching, especially for those who are familiar with the main character, Major Cherkasov, from the two previous films of the trilogy about her work.

    I am really looking forward to the final episodes today, because the plot is so twisted there, and two criminal cases overlap, and there are several suspects.

    And it remains to wait to find out who the killer really is. And the authors already know how to twist the plot, remember the film The Executioner, when no one could have imagined such an end.

    So here, the story is very confusing, but Cherkasov will unravel it, and I have an assumption who is killing the girls, and now I'll see if my intuition has failed.

    Smolyakov plays his role perfectly, as does Sonya, the actress Alexandrova.

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  • I don’t understand at all by what logic this series is shown, firstly, this is one of the three previous series with the participation of Maoir Cherkasov, and it has already been shown, if you observe at least some connection, then you must first show Mosgaz, there the action takes place in 1961, then, "Executioner" - 1963, and then, "Spider" - 1967. Now many viewers who have not seen any of this, but only "The Jackal" is generally at a loss, why is the journalist alive? And, of course, it's worth watching, the series is very interesting, but in the order I have listed.

  • The Spider series is repeated again on the first, apparently before the next premiere. I liked it even when I watched it for the first time. The topic is interesting, in Soviet times, someone kills female models from the House of Models. Moreover, it is now the modern police who understand who a maniac is, and then "Well, where does a maniac come from in the Soviet Union." I really want to say - really.

    The cast is good, so even if there are some shortcomings, it's still interesting to watch. I really don't revisit too much if all the episodes are on the Internet.

  • I think it's worth it. Today I watched the first two episodes and I must say hooked. A series of crimes, seemingly so diverse, but nevertheless I think they are connected or rather intertwined with one thread. I wonder how they will unravel. Moreover, the film is based on real events, and again it is interesting to see how our grandmothers and mothers lived. I not only watch the plot, but everything else - clothes, everyday life, communication style.

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