How many episodes are there in the series "Voronins"? Are there any more episodes to be filmed?

How many episodes are there in the series "Voronins"? Are there any more episodes to be filmed?

  • The series currently has 16 seasons and a total of 356 episodes.

    It is planned to start showing the 1th season from August 17, in which there will be 20 more episodes.

    The first episode aired on November 16, 2009. The series was not invented with us, it is a remake of the American sitcom "Everyone Loves Raymond", but for some reason, since season 11, it has been the original domestic, although nothing has changed. The series is still popular, they are not going to close it, the authors have a lot to move on.

  • The last 356 episode was released on April 5, 2016. By the way, there is not only the original American version of the sitcom, but also the Polish, Egyptian, Czech, Indian, Israeli, Dutch. The Russian TV series is the most multi-season (16), in the American only 9.

  • The series "Voronin" 17th season is already to be released in the near future. The premiere date of the sitcom is set for August 2016, XNUMX. Less than a week is left before the release of the first episode of the seventeenth (and apparently not the last one yet) season. The show starts in the evening, seven o'clock Moscow time.

    This will be another twenty episodes in addition to the previous 356 episodes that have already passed on STS. And there is no hint that the Voronin sitcom ends there. Not from the creators of the series, nor from any sources at all. So it seems too early to put an end to the number of seasons and episodes. We watch while they offer.

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