What does the expression "when the cancer whistles on the mountain" mean?

What does the expression "when the cancer whistles on the mountain" mean?

  • It means an event, the probability of which is practically zero, i.e., an event that is as real as the fact that an ordinary crayfish learns to whistle. Moreover, he will crawl up the mountain for this. Those. - this event will never come.

    What does the expression "when the cancer whistles on the mountain" mean?

  • Cancer generally does not know how to whistle, so no one will ever wait for a whimpering whistle. So this expression can only have a figurative meaning in the sense that events simply will not happen.

    You want to wait for cancer, do not wait, nothing will change.

  • The meaning of the phraseological unit "when cancer whistles on the mountain" determines the uncertainty of the event and the impossibility of doing anything in the future. The creators of the phrase knew a lot of facts about crustaceans. Cancers are unable to move on land, climb mountains and make whistling sounds. The sentence "when the cancer whistles on the mountain" has an obvious ironic connotation and is used in cases when it is required to immediately dot all the i's.

  • This means that when the cancer comes out of the river, learns to whistle, climb the mountain, and finally whistle, then you will be happy and everything you dreamed about, that is, never)) A kind of uniform Russian redistribution of the meaning of the word "utopia" or "chimera"

  • The expression of a sibilant on a mountain of cancer means: Never or very, very soon.

    The origin of this amusing phraseology is due to the well-known fact that crayfish have neither the habit, nor the opportunity, nor the slightest desire to climb mountains and whistle there. Therefore, given the full absurdity of such cancerous movements and whistles, the authors of the expression used this exotic comparison.

    The proverb is used in those frequent cases when it is quite obvious to everyone that some event in the conversation can not happen quickly or can never happen, even theoretically.

    For example (referring to the rounded twins):

    Well, when are you going to start the shots in English? When, perhaps, cancer will sink on the mountain?

  • This proverb only means that if you are promised something, and it will not happen. Because we know that live cancer can not whistle, let alone climb a mountain, he too will not be able to shoulder and he is a water inhabitant, that is, he lives in water.

    And such a saying can talk about some kind of life event that will never be fulfilled or will not happen, so they will say, well, yes, it will happen when here only cancer on the hill whistles. And this means that it will never and will not happen.

    And for a person this will mean that they will never wait for this event and hope for it is not worth it. Here is such wisdom in this expression.

  • The expression "when the cancer whistles on the mountain" means neversince crayfish do not know how to whistle and do not climb mountains) This proverb is a slightly softened joke, but, nevertheless, a direct refusal to indicate the time frame, time frame of any action or event.

  • The expression "When the cancer whistles on the mountain" has a very deep meaning

    When a person does not want to do something, he says this expression

    For example, imagine the situation that the husband and wife are talking

    Wife's question: When will you finally go to work?

    Answer of the Husband: When the cancer on the mountain whistles

    Simply put, this answer means never.

    In the same way they just want to be left behind

    In simple terms, crayfish cannot whistle and will never be able to.

  • It means you'll wait. How does cancer get to the mountain? Well, he does not know how to whistle. So when answering a question with this expression, you mean that any action or event wakes up or will happen in an indefinite amount of time or in general it will not happen.

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