What is a cameo? What does the word, the term "cameo" mean?

What is a cameo? What does the word, the term "cameo" mean?

  • Cameo - is a cameo role in a movie of a previously famous actor, singer, director, producer or any other celebrity that millions know by sight. Prominent examples of films with cameo heroes are "Exemplary Male 2" (actors: Penelope Cruz, Benedict Cumberbatch, Justin Bieber, etc.) and "Movie 43" (actors: Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Halle Berry, Richard Gere, etc.). These are personally the ones that I saw. But I think there will be more of them in modern cinema.

  • Cameo is a cameo role in a film performed by a famous person - both a real person (director, actor, singer, athlete, etc.) and a famous movie hero.

    A famous person often plays himself or appears in some minor role, and often only a very attentive viewer can notice him. Very often, famous actors appear in the role of cameos and appear in sitcom series. Examples: A. Hitchcock in many of his paintings, D. Malkovich ("Being John Malkovich"), Bruce Willis ("Pearl Harbor")

  • A cameo is a small role in a movie, TV series or play, to which a famous actor, musician, TV presenter, politician or any other public person is invited in order to attract more attention to the production. In cartoons, images of real people can also be used.

    A film director can also play a cameo role in his film, and a famous person, as a rule, plays himself.

  • Cameo is most often a cameo role (on TV, in a theatrical production, film, video game, etc.). This role is played by a well-known and easily recognizable personality - it is easier to say a celebrity (it can be a director, an actor, a politician, whoever pleases) or a movie image. For these purposes, the person himself is invited, whose role is to be portrayed, or an actor who has already played his hero in the original production (film). Therefore, in a general sense, a cameo is understood as a well-known person who plays herself.

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