Kashchei Day - what kind of holiday is it?

Day Kashchei - what a feast, when it passes?

  • Kashchei the Immortal is a cult figure not only in Russian folk tales. In the Slavic pantheon, Kashchei the Immortal (aka Chernobog, the black Serpent, Koschey) was the most evil deity. Therefore, probably, he was taken to worship on February 29th. A day that happens once every 4 years (although the pagan Slavs did not live according to the European calendar, which leads to other fabrications). Rather, in ancient times, this day falls on the last day of winter.

    Kashchei the Immortal was the Lord of Darkness, Navi and the Pekeln Kingdom. Carries into the world of cold, death, evil and destruction. Therefore, on the night of February 29 on March 1, the Slavs solemnly crushed a raw chicken egg. What symbolized the death of Kashchei, which is believed to be stored in the egg.

    With the advent of Christianity, another interesting superposition has been imposed on this tradition.

    Day Kashchei - what a feast, when it passes?

    Why did the Slavs worship Kashchei? Pagans believed that life and death can not exist separately, complementing each other and maintaining the harmony of nature.

    Day Kashchei - what a feast, when it passes?

    Day Kashchei - what a feast, when it passes?

    Also among the Slavs there were special names for the days of the week. The day of Chernobog (Kashchei) was Monday (it was also called the villain or the evil thing). Therefore, on Mondays, it was not recommended to start cases, and also on Mondays, public executions were carried out over the inveterate criminals.

    Day Kashchei - what a feast, when it passes?

    Modern culture creates the image of Kashchei not as an absolute evil. In the cinema in general, the awesome galaxy of actors played the role of Kashchei

    Day Kashchei - what a feast, when it passes?

    Day Kashchei - what a feast, when it passes?

    Day Kashchei - what a feast, when it passes?

    Day Kashchei - what a feast, when it passes?

    The cool image of Kashchei is also in the books - Korostyshevskaya Tatiana "Bride of Kashchei", Dmitry Mansurov "Kashchei", Elena Nikitina And what did you want from Baba Yaga and many others.

    So the image of Kashchei has long ceased to be as evil and cruel as our ancestors represented him.

  • One of the Slavic holidays, in which they honor the most evil creature that we know from childhood from fairy tales - Kashchei or Chernobog.

    This holiday takes place once in four years, namely at midnight from February 29 to March 1.

    At this moment, you need to crush the egg, which symbolizes the death of Kashchei.

    And it is also believed that spring comes with his death.


  • I also heard about this holiday, and it is celebrated only once every four years, this holiday falls on February 29. As we know from Russian fairy tales Kashchey was an evil character, people believed that it was necessary to break an egg in order to defeat evil. Here and in one of the tales, too, to save the princess, Ivan had to break Kashchei's egg.

  • Day Kashchei - what a feast, when it passes?

    Koschey God of Navi, the One Who rules in Death. In the era of dual faith in Russia, the image of Koshchey was partially replaced by the image of St. Kasian, whose prototype was exclusively in accord with the name of the Monk Kassian the Roman. The people told many legends about Kasyan. . Koshchei Day is celebrated once every four years in the leap year 29 February. On this day, they tried not to work at all, in some villages and people did not show up at all on the street in order not to fall under Kasyan’s eye. It was considered the most dangerous time before Sunrise, so before lunch everyone was resting at home.

  • Day of Kashchei - Chernobog is celebrated exactly at midnight from February 29 to March 1.

    This is the day of the end of Winter, and the Slavs remembered death on this day.

    Once upon a time our ancestors brought bloody sacrifices to him when they went to war.

    Day Kashchei - what a feast, when it passes?

  • Kashchei's Day is the day when winter time ends and spring begins. Also, this day is called Kasyanov day in another way. Kashchei is a symbol of winter This holiday, the day is celebrated only in a leap year, that is, once every four years - on the twenty-ninth of February. Previously, people believed that this day was bad and tried once again not to leave the house and do nothing.

  • Kaschey's Day is an Old Slavic holiday celebrated in a leap year, February 29, and it is also called Kasyan's Day (the people have such a concept "he looks with a kosyan", as they said about a sullen man with a heavy look). On this day, all work stopped, in some villages the peasants were even afraid to go out into the street, so that "Kos'yan would not jinx", it was believed that on Koscheev / Kos'yanov day Koschy God returns all in the form of disasters all the evil created by people

    Day Kashchei - what a feast, when it passes?

  • Kashchei Day is celebrated from February 29 to March 1 every four years. Since February 29, as you know, happens only in a leap year. Just on this night, they give it to the most evil deity of the Slavs. Kashchei has been known to all of us since childhood. We have listened to various children's fairy tales about him more than once. Kashchei is also called Chernobog (that is, the black Serpent, Koshchei). It is believed that Kashchei is the ruler of the dark kingdom. According to legends, he is, in addition, the God of cold weather, death, evil, madness. In general, he is associated with everything bad and black. Previously, the Slavs divided the whole world into two parts: good and evil. So, the evil part was represented by Kashchei. According to the old Slavic custom, when 12 o'clock comes from February 29 to March 1, you need to take a chicken egg in your hand and crush it. It is believed that Kashchei is dying, since it has long been known that his death is hiding in an egg. Kashchei is also a symbol of winter, it turns out that winter also ends. Representatives of paganism believe that crushing an egg on this day, laid by a chicken on Christmas, will mean that March will pass without frosts.

  • Kaschey's Day is an Old Slavic holiday, it is celebrated on the night of February 29 to March 1 (in a leap year). It was believed that Kashchei is a dark force, Chernobog, and it was also believed that his life is in a chicken egg. Therefore, at night it was necessary to knead a chicken egg with your hand in order to kill Koshchei. It was also believed that with the death of Koshchei, the end of winter came.

  • The day occurs 1 every four years. Celebrate from February 29 to March 1. They invented such a holiday, because 29 February is only 1 once every four years and this year is considered a leap year. It is believed that on such days misfortunes occur, and on this day it is better not to do anything.

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