What kind of gods did the Slavs worship?

What kind of gods did the Slavs worship?

  • Many Slavs worshiped the gods.

    For example:

    Rod is the supreme deity of the Slavs.

    Horse (Kolyada) is the sun god.

    Svarog is the god of fire;

    Yarilo is a god associated with fertility;

    Veles is the god of wisdom and magic;

    Dazhdbog (Kupaila) - the sun god;

    Perun - the god of warriors and lightning;

    Stribog is the god of the wind;

    Semargl is the god of the dead.

    This is the supreme supreme deity.

    "Average" deities - associated with the economy.

    At the lowest level are the brownies, mermaids, ghouls, leche.

  • The Slavic gods were mainly associated with their life, with the seasons that they believed could assist in farming and cattle breeding. In the ancient pantheon included the Slavic gods, who were divided into solar gods and gods associated with their various functional actions.

    What kind of gods did the Slavs worship?

    The most important of them, which occupied in this hierarchy, was-Svarog.

    The gods associated with natural phenomena and the culture of the ancient Slavs were, for example, Pern (the god of lightning), Stribog (the god of the wind), Svarog (the god of fire), thanks to him, people learned to use fire.

    Veles was the patron saint of trade, knowledge, and he also owned the kingdom of the dead. As mentioned above, the Slavic gods were associated with the seasons -

    spring, summer, autumn, winter- (Horse, Yarilo, Dazhdbog, Svarog)

    What kind of gods did the Slavs worship?

    She continued to live for a long time among the Slavic peoples. The names of the names of the gods entered into our modern life, although they lost their original functionality. They live in literary monuments are found in the names of various companies reflecting their name on their activities.

  • So, the gods:

    Perun is the eldest of the gods, the god of thunder and lightning (an analogue of Zeus and Jupiter from the Greeks and Rimyan respectively, Odin from the Varangians).

    Horse sun god

    Dazhdbog is also the sun god, the god of life, spring, awakening, the parority of all people.

    Stribog is the god of wind, air, dew and rain.

    Simargl being like a Christian angel is a connecting link between the world of gods and people. The messenger of the gods degenerates their will.

    Mokosh female deity.

    Velez is the patron god of poets, narrators, creative people.

    Svarog patron of blacksmith craft (Hephaestus among the Greeks)

    Svarozhich personified fire

    By sacrifice:

    it is believed that the Slavs did not bring human sacrifices (calls), but it is quite possible that the Magi who were not pure in their hands could perform such sacrifices. The sacred animals were sacrificed to the temple.

    On holidays:

    1. holidays associated with the veneration of ancestors, by the way, these holidays had the highest priority among other holiday dates, unfortunately in contrast to modern holidays. So celebrated Radonitsu, Troitsky (Semik) and Dmitrievskaya parental Saturdays (Grandfathers).

    2. Fertility Holidays - Maslenitsa.

    3.Mystical holidays - Night on Ivan Kupala.

    1. The days of the highest gods - Perun's day, Veles's day.
    2. Household holidays-weddings, funeral rites, etc.

  • The Slavs had patriarchal ancestral lifestyle and they worshiped their ancestors and of course worshiped them. At that time there was a burial cult of ancestors, and later the Slavs began to worship the pagan gods. Their names are the god Perun, the god Dazhdbog, the god Mokosh, the god Stribog, God Horse and God Semargl.

    The Slavic pantheon was formed by the gods of higher and middle levels, who differed in how they could help. Along with the gods, the Slavs experienced reverence for the house and mermaids, mermaids, and other low-spirits.

    Slavs had great faith in the Spirits of Nature and the Slavs communicated with them through magical rituals. Magic was very developed at that time. It was considered a cult among the Slavs. But in 998, Christianity came to Russia through Prince Vladimir. But faith in magic continued even then. A very important role in the creation of the Slavs was in their tree. This meant three kingdoms, namely this sky, this earth and dungeon.

    What kind of gods did the Slavs worship?

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