In which films did Veronica Castro star?

In which films did Veronica Castro star?

  • Mexican actress, TV presenter and singer Veronica Castro has over 40 work in various films and TV series. In the CIS, this actress is known to many primarily for such roles as Marianne Villarreal, whom she played in the TV series The Rich Also Cry, and many also remember a girl named Rosa Garcia from the Wild Rose TV series. In addition to the already mentioned series, she starred in the following films:


    "Love has a feminine face"- drama series in 1971;


    "Postcode" - series;

    "My Little Soledad"- a drama series in 1990, not only produced, but also starred, played Isadora;

    "Right to Birth"- a drama series in 1981, played by Maria Elena;

    "Johnny Chicano"- Action movie of 1981, played by Debbie Williamson;

    "Love without makeup"- drama series in 2007;

    "Hell in a small town"- TV series filmed in 1997, played by Leonardo Rouen;

    "Valentine"- the series, which was filmed in 1993, played by Valentina Isabel Montero;

    "Nana"- 1985 drama;

    "Yolanda Luhan"- 1984 drama series, played by Yolanda Luhan.

    Veronica Castro filmography, The rich also cry, Wild Rose

  • You know. Seeing this question, I remembered the remarkable charming unique beautiful (this list can be continued) the famous talented Mexican singer, actress and TV host Veronica Castro (born 19.10.1952), which I fell in love with on two TV series: "The rich also cry" and "Wild rose". The series "The Rich Also Cry" was successfully shown not only in the USSR, but also in Spain, Latin America, China, France and the Philippines.

    In which films did Veronica Castro star?

    At 35 years old, not every star can play a young kid from "Wild Rose". Note that the main song of this series Rosa salvaje (translated from Spanish as wild rose) became the hit number 1 of the singer.

    In which films did Veronica Castro star?

    Believe it or not: I watched these melodramas at one time, without missing a single episode, together with the heroes rejoicing and upset about what is happening on the TV screen. In fact, not only I was a lover of these soap "operas", but also a multimillion audience of the weak half of humanity.

    In which films did Veronica Castro star?

    Let's see how the filmography of the actress is represented in the materials of the Internet, in particular, in Wikipedia (I trust her information most of all):

    TV series:

    In which films did Veronica Castro star?

    Art films:

    In which films did Veronica Castro star?

    Impressive, is not it ?!

    I will add that the series "Birthright" (which was shown in many countries of the world) with the charming Veronica Castro in the title role had the same overwhelming success.

  • She was the icon of love and the beloved actress of millions of people in the 80s, and the movie "The Rich Also Cry" stalled work and devastated the streets of cities and villages.

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