What is user (terminal) equipment?

What is user (terminal) equipment?

  • This is the equipment that the subscriber himself uses to use the service, i.e. switch, router, router, personal computer, telephone, PBX and the like. And it doesn't matter where it is installed: on the territory of an office building or in an entrance, or on a technical floor of a building, i.e. where the Subscriber wants to pick up the service, he places his equipment there.

  • For example, an ADSL modem standing on a telephone line or a router, a media converter, just a computer, if applied in communication technology to the wired Internet. From provider to user "last mile".

  • This is the equipment to which the end user has direct access - i.e. a router or modem that YOU have inside the apartment. A router standing somewhere in an electrical panel or in a special cabinet in an entrance will no longer be terminal equipment.

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