Can you use maternity capital for paid treatment of your children?

Can you use maternity capital for paid treatment of your children?

  • Part of the maternity capital money can be withdrawn immediately - about ten thousand. The rest of the money cannot be officially used for treatment. But if you decide to cash out the amount of maternity capital not officially just for the treatment of children, I think that your conscience will be clear.

  • As far as I know, no.

    The certificate can be used for:

    -improvement of living conditions,

    • education of children,
    • or retirement of the child's mother.

    Although perhaps I have incomplete information, or there may be some kind of exceptions in specific cases.

  • As far as I know, the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On additional measures of state support for families with children", unfortunately, does not provide for the use of funds from maternity capital for paid treatment of their children. In general, funds from maternity capital in our country can be disposed of in full, or in parts, only to improve the living conditions of families, to receive education for children, as well as to form the funded part of the labor pension of mothers.

  • Unfortunately, it is still impossible to use maternity capital funds for the treatment of a child. But this seems absurd. If the capital is donated to help families with children, why shouldn't it be used to preserve and restore the health of children? Why then housing and education if there is no health? Even for the education of a child, it is not always possible to get funds from maternity capital. I wanted to pay for the expensive education of a child in a good art school, it turned out that the institution does not have state accreditation. It turns out, in fact, maternity capital was invented only so that people buy housing, take out a mortgage and help banks and other moneybags get rich.

  • To improve housing conditions, to educate the child, and to increase the funded part of the mother's pension.

  • So far, it is impossible to direct funds for treatment.

    But in the summer of 2013, a bill was introduced to the State Duma that would allow maternity capital to be spent on expensive treatment.

    The authors of the project refer to the lack of high-tech medical care in remote regions of the country, as well as to numerous requests from citizens to expand the possibilities of using maternity capital funds.

    It is supposed, after consideration of the bill, to amend the Federal Law on Additional Measures of State Support for Families with Children.

    But so far the law has not been adopted. Perhaps the maternity capital can be spent on the treatment of disabled children.

  • It is possible if the documents are certified by the doctor that in reality the child needs treatment. And the amount of this treatment or operation. Usually, this is only in serious and emergency cases.

    Some can somehow withdraw some of this money.

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