What does the bailiff do?

What does the bailiff do?

  • What the lads in burgundy jackets did in the 90s. Those who, in their opinion or according to the concepts (their laws), SHOULD, were huddled. Now the state took over this activity, through bailiffs in uniforms. Whoever, in the opinion of the state and on the basis of its laws, and even by the decision of our "most humane and fair court in the world" SHOULD, are spilled. But it is already quite legal and for the benefit of the native people. It is noteworthy that the crimson jackets spud those whom we now call oligarchs and entrepreneurs, from whom there was something to cut. But the bailiffs do not hesitate to confiscate the last TV set from the family of a locksmith in the housing department, for a loan with unbearable interest. And "moneybags" with sleek faces are not suitable for a cannon shot, because "moneybags" do not owe our state anything, or they have already shared with whom, since there is something.

  • The bailiff monitors the execution of the court order. Well, at least he should. application, they immediately began to dissuade me. They ran to pick up the application and solve everything amicably. As if I had not tried to resolve everything amicably in two years! I sincerely hope that such careless bailiffs are just my bad experience.

  • They generally have a dirty job. The last TV set is taken away from the children. As if it would be bad if I didn’t go to work as a bailiff.

  • The bailiff-executor executes the decisions of the court and other bodies. This is his main work and all his other actions are aimed at the execution of court decisions. The work is very difficult nowadays, there is a lot of paperwork, well, and a very heavy load, because for one person they simply add a bunch of documents for execution, which he simply cannot master at once. But at its core, the work is very interesting and capacious for gaining experience.

  • The work of a bailiff is, first of all, a lot of paperwork, and what is really there are mountains of paperwork), and a constant bypass of malicious non-payers (there is also a search warrant) in order to take money or property that is estimated very cheaply.

  • The bailiffs do not perform their duties without permission!

    Forced to recover the latter on the basis of a court decision. And here they are. They are just doing their thankless job.

    If they are taken away from ardent defaulters and debtors, or from those people for whom an unfair court decision was made.

    and all claims should be against the judges and not their executors.

    before taking away anything they ask to execute the court decision voluntarily.

    later they come describe and ask for payment again. and then they only seize it, and even after that you can pay the debt and return your property as soon as possible.

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